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Avisynth Developer
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AviSynth 2.6.0 Alpha5 [Sep 18th, 2013]

Here is the 5th official release of Avisynth 2.6

Get AviSynth_130918.exe (5MiB) from SourceForge.


* Added Eval(clip, string name, string) alias for oop processing of argument.
* DirectShowSource support non-standard pixel types "YV24" and "YV16".
* Info: Audio only clip now creates its own canvas video.
* AviSource: Include packed/padded processing and -ve biHeight logic for compressed input.
* Add Script Functions :- BitLRotate, BitRRotate, BitChange, BitClear, BitSet, BitTest and their asm aliases.
* Add WeaveRows (blit cost) and WeaveColumns (slow) frame combining filters.
* Add AudioDuration() [as float seconds], IsY8(), IsYV411() & PixelType() [as a string] script functions.
* Add Echo and Preroll filters.
* Add IScriptEnvironment::GetAVSLinkage() and DLLExport AVS_linkage for host usage of avisynth.dll.
* DirectShowSource, 2.6 plugin, support pixel types "AYUV" as YV24, "Y41P" and "Y411" as YV411.
* AviSource: Add Full and Auto pseudo pixel_types. Full is all supported. Auto is YV12, YUY2, RGB32, RGB24 & Y8.
* Add "AudioLengthS" [as a string], "Ord" & "FillStr" script functions.
* Add AudioTrim(clip, float, float) audio priority trimming, args in fractional seconds.
* Add Trim(M, Length=N[, Pad=False]) and Trim(M, End=N[, Pad=False]) function overloads for explicit Trimming. Length=0 means zero frame clip. End=0 means end at frame 0.
* Add SeparateRows (zero cost) and SeparateColumns (slow) frame slashing filters.
* Add Script Functions :- Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2, Cosh, Sinh, Tanh, Fmod, Log10, BitLShift, BitRShiftS, BitRShiftU and Hex.
* Add "ConditionalSelect","csc+[show]b" runtime filter.
* Add dither option to Levels, RGBAdjust & Tweak.
* Add BitAnd(), BitNot(), BitOr() & BitXor() script functions.
* Add StrCmp() & StrCmpI() script functions.
* Add YV24 support for Limiter show option.
* Add "Global OPT_dwChannelMask={int}"
* Add 0x0063F speaker mask for 7.1 WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE.
* Add .dll DelayLoad exception texts to crash message formatter.
* ImageWriter, add support for printf formating of filename string, default is ("%06d.%s", n, ext);
* Add avs_get_error(AVS_ScriptEnvironment*); to avisynth_c interface.
* Catch and save AvisynthError text in more avisynth_c entry points, for kemuri-_9.
* Add ScriptName(), ScriptFile(), ScriptDir() functions (WarpEnterprises).
* Add SkewRows filter.
* Histogram, Levels mode, Improve colour of chroma legends.
* ConditionalFilter, teach about string results.
* Add some more "Add/Remove Software" registry keys to the Installer (XhmikosR).
* AviSource: Support both packed and DWORD padded raw planar input like with DSS.
* Add IScriptEnvironment::ApplyMessage()
* Add ImageSourceAnim (Wilbert)
* Support user upgrade to 178 DevIL.dll (They need to manage CRT dependancies).
* ImageSource: palette and compressed bmp images load correctly now (issue 894702) [need 178 DevIL.dll]
* ImageSource: support for other formats like: gif, exr, jp2, psd, hdr [need 178 DevIL.dll]
* Add YV24 mode to ColorBars.
* Add ColorBarsHD based on arib_std_b28.
* C-api usability enhancements from kemuri9 [Work in progress!]
* Add Undefined(), AudioLengthLo(), AudioLengthHi(), IsYV16() & IsYV24() script functions
* Allow newlines (and hence comments) before '{' -- Gavino
* Added IScriptEnvironment::DeleteScriptEnvironment()
* Added Histogram, population clamp % factor for "Levels" mode,
* Histogram, revert "Stereo" mode to YV12, Add "StereoY8" mode,
* AviSource: Support fourcc "GREY" as Y8
* Added support for argument passing and EAX return value to SoftwireHelper.
* Added "Global OPT_VDubPlanarHack=True" to flip YV24 and YV16 chroma planes for old VDub's.
* Added "Global OPT_AVIPadScanlines=True" option for DWORD aligned planar padding
* Added Matrix="AVERAGE" mode.
* Added ContinuedDenominator/ContinuedNumerator(f[]i[limit]i) script functions.
* Tweak: fix MaskPointResizing + put back Dividee ISSE code (use sse=true).
* Added ChromaInPlacement, ChromaOutPlacement and ChromaResample options to planar colour conversions.
* Added MaskHS.
* Source tweaks to get ready for VC8.
* Add Y8 for DevIL, planarize EBMP.
* Planar support for many filters.
* Added Info() time indicator on audio length and video (current frame & total). (2.5.8)
* Added UtoY8 and VtoY8.
* Added more info to Info(). (2.5.8)
* ColorYUV: Added all adjustment parameters as conditional variables "coloryuv_SETTING". Enable by setting conditional=true.
* ConditionalReader: Added support for type String.
* ConditionalReader: Added offset keyword to offset all frame numbers after the keyword.
* Added SincResize() with optional taps parameter (default is 4).
* Added Custom band setting to SuperEQ to allow all 16 bands to be set from script. Usage: SuperEQ(clip,band1, band2, band3....) values are dB in float.
* Added fast 0-1-0 kernel for YV24 to ConvertBacktoYUY2().
* Added core formats: YV24, YV16, Y8, YV411.

* Fixed frame range clamping in ComparePlane (ultim).
* Fixed posible leak with realloc in ConditionalReader (ultim).
* Fixed posible double free in text-overlay (ultim).
* Fixed RGB32 to Y8 pixel right shift from 4th pixel on (Robert Martens).
* Fixed Overlay YV24 Image444 leak.
* Fixed AVISource "AUTO" and "FULL" handling.
* Fixed ImageSource handling of missing ebmp files.
* Fixed DirectShowSource incorrect byte order for unpacking of pixel type "AYUV"
* Fixed HexValue parsing values greater than 7FFFFFFF, now as unsigned hex.
* Fixed ConditionalReader memory overrun parsing bools.
* Fixed ResampleAudio NOP test to compare vi.num_audio_samples, not sample rate.
* Fixed YV24 -> RGB24 overrun cleanup for widths%16 == 5.
* Fixed RGB24 AddBorders with right=0.
* Fixed conditional_functions error message names (Wilbert).
* Fixed Audio cache ac_expected_next regression.
* Fixed ImageSource deal with add 1 to IL_NUM_IMAGES bug (Wilbert)
* Fixed Overlay YV24 V plane conversion.
* Fixed Overlay YV24 mode with shared input clip, needed a MakeWritable.
* Fixed ImageReader upside down TIFF in 178 DevIL. (Wilbert)
* Fixed string+string bug when total length is 4096*K-1.
* Fixed SincResize misuse of "int abs(int)" (Gavino). Fix Lanczos and Blackman sinc use of float == 0.0, use small limit "> 0.000001".
* Fixed Classic mode legend drawing for planar right limit and yuy2 centre line.
* Fixed possible MT race. Use "env->ManageCache(MC_IncVFBRefcount, ...)" in ProtectVFB.
* Fixed SwapYToUV output image size bug for 3 clip case.
* Fixed Crop limit tests for RGB.
* Fixed Overlay yellow tint on rec601 RGB import conversion.
* Fixed YtoUV() output image size bug for 3 clip case.
* Fixed ConvertToPlanar chroma alignment.
* Fixed Levels (RGB) change use of PixelClip(x) to min(max(x, 0), 255).
* Fixed SwapYtoUV yuy2 crash (StainlessS).
* Fixed Overlay saturate UV in add and subtract mode.
* Fixed Info.h range protect display characters (StainlessS).
* Fixed AviSource packed planar import chroma offsets.
* Fixed AviSource NULL GetWritePtr() failure due to premature setting of last_frame.
* Fixed Mask rounding in greyscale calcs (Wilbert), minor refactor.
* Fixed SelectRangeEvery audio snafu (Gavino).
* Fixed LoadPlugin, SaveString of result string.
* Fixed LoadPlugin, use _vsnprintf.
* Fixed LoadVirtualdubPlugin, don't add vdub filter to chain on load failure.
* Fixed rounding in RGB HResize (JoshyD) (affects all resizers)
* Fixed error message name in the filter VerticalReduceBy2
* Fixed SeparateFields() with variable parity input clip (Wilbert)
* Fixed AviSource, cannot cast__int64* to long*, it does not work!
* Fixed ConditionalReader: Don't allow out of range "Range" to overwrite edge values
* Fixed MonoToStereo with stereo sources.
* Fixed MergeChannels with only 1 input clip.
* Fixed AviSource support for negative height DIB format AVI's.
* Fixed Audio cache crashes.
* Fixed resize with YV411, missing code.
* Fixed ConditionalReader rounding with integer interpolation.
* Fixed Softwire SSE2 bugs.
* Fixed SSSE3 CPU detection.
* Fixed SSSE3, SSE4.1 & SSE4.2 detection.
* Fixed Fastwire encoding of instructions that are >2 opcodes (SSSE3+4).
* Fixed _RPT5() macro for debug builds

* Cache auto increase span on sparse misses.
* Cache prevent inactive instances returning VFB early and spoiling active instances hit rate (LaTo).
* ConvertToPlanarGeneric explicit add Cache before chroma rescaler.
* Overlay minor refactor YV12 -> 444 chroma
* Speedup ConvertToMono(), minor refactor MixAudio().
* Change StackVertical/Horizontal to interative instead of recursive, 2^N performace increase for 3 and more clips, i.e. 1 blit total instead of blit(blit(blit(...
* RGBtoY8 Dynamic ASM code, support for RGB24.
* YV24backtoYUY2 Dynamic ASM code.
* UtoY8, VtoY8 abuse subframe, zero cost.
* YV24<->RGB Add SSE2 and SSSE3 code paths, get rid of wide_enough.
* ConvertToYUY2 Add SSE2, MMX restore full speed on platforms with poor ooox.
* ConvertAudio, manage tempbuffer and floatbuffer independantly.
* ConvertAudio, prefer SSE2 over 3DNow for super AMD cores.
* Info.h, full refactor, a good example of "Never look down", thx StainlessS
* DoubleWeaveFrames, If A not writable, try to write to B, else make new frame
* Histogram, fix GetFrame/NewVideoFrame call order
* HResizer, interleave code +4% faster
* YtoUV() Abuse Subframe to snatch the Y plane / UV planes, Derestrict destination colorformat autogeneration.
* ImageSource: Improve thread interlock code
* ConditionalReader/WriteFile: Full refactor.
* Replace _strdup with SaveString in AddFunction (Thanks Gavino)
* SuperEQ: Improve channel unpacking/packing code.
* H-Resize: Use SSE4.1 (movntdqa) loads for use once memory access.
* H-Resize: Added SSE2 horizontal unpacker.
* Resize: Use SSE3 (lddqu) loads for unaligned memory access.
* Added ultra fast vertical PointResizer (64 pixel/cycle).
* Added dynamic SSSE3 vertical resizer (16 pixel/cycle) ~ twice as fast as old MMX.
* Added dynamic SSE2 vertical resizer (16 pixel/cycle).
* Added dynamic MMX vertical resizer (8 pixel/cycle).
* Added SSSE3 version for RGB<->YV24 conversions.
* Added dynamic compiled MMX/iSSE for RGB<->YV24 conversions. Speed is approx 200% of C-code.

* Keep parity across Bob.
* Import: Increase full path buffer to MAX_PATH*4 for multi char code pages like CP932 (Chikuzen).
* Throw error when output number of frames will exceed MAXINT.
* BlankClip: Supply useful defaults for new Audio/Video when using a Video/Audio only template clip.
* BlankClip: Use duration from Audio only template as default length for new clip.
* Define new IClip::SetCacheHints cachehint constants.
* Force int call arguments to user script function float params to be explicit floats.
* Splice pass CacheHints through to both children in + and ++ mode.
* WriteFileStart/End save current_frame and set Last.
* ConditionalReader do not ignore syntax errors in input file.
* ImageSourceAnim Pad/Crop images to match first frame (Wilbert)
* ImageSource Add version to messages (Wilbert)
* Initial 2.6 API entry point linkage.
* Use Invoke for graph tail, enhance non-clip output error reporting.
* PopContext when inner block Asserts/throws (maxxon).
* Remove duplicate definitions (Wilbert).
* Enhance non-clip output error reporting.
* Explicitly specify calling sequence as __cdecl for Avisynth softwire routines, (was the compiler default)
* Use env->Invoke("Cache", ...) everywhere instead of Cache::Create_Cache(), allows for Cache to be overloaded by a plugin.
* ConvertToYUY2 Change from 0-1-1 kernel to 1-2-1 kernel.
* Tweak make Interp same units as minSat and maxSat.
* Check HKEY_CURRENT_USER for PluginDir first. (henktiggelaar)
* Make forced, -ve, planar alignment of chroma planes match subsampling.
* Enforce planar alignment restrictions.
* C-api: Remove func sub-struct from AVS_Library struct
* Add error code to plugin load failure message
* Make default planar AVI output packed. Control with OPT_AVIPadScanlines=True.
* WriteFile() now supports unlimited number of unlimited strings. (was 16 by 254 byte strings).
* ConvertToRGB*, make C++ code sample chroma the same as the MMX code i.e. use both pixels.
* ConvertToRGB*, use YV24 path for planar, complain when options are present for YUY2.
* ConvertToYUY2, use YV16 path for planar, complain when options are present for RGB see: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...81#post1378381
* Thread safe code, part 2.
* Correct IClip baked documentation
* Passify compilation error/warnings (XhmikosR)
* for, const, extern and ansi patches for VC2008 (SEt)
* Disable OPT_RELS_LOGGING option
* Change implicit Last parsing for argless, bracketless calls to match bracketed cases. (Gavino)
* DirectShowSource: Support last minute format renegotiation thru IPin::QueryAccept() & Validate the size of the provided directshow buffer.
* Remove non ascii chars from comments.
* Add core stubs for DirectShowSource, TCPServer & TCPSource, report when plugins are missing.
* Add note for original source downloads - SoundTouch
* Add more lineage history to Info()
* Move convertaudio, alignplanar, fillborder & MIN/MAX_INT definitions.
* Run AtExit before dismantling world.
* Change setcachehints definition from void to int. Test IClip version >= 5.
* Move PixelClip definition to avisynth.cpp
* SubTitle, etc, make X & Y options float (0.125 pixel granularity).
* ShowSMPTE() supports all integer FPS and multiplies of drop frame FPS.
* SubTitle, stop overwriting string constants (Gavino).
* SubTitle, improve pixel registration (Gavino).
* Make Info() CPU display hierarchical.
* Thread safe code, part 1.
* SoftwireHelper: explicit hardware exception handling.
* Resize: Moved GetResampleFunction into Resamplefuntion, to allow overrides.
* Resampler: Removed dead stlf code.
* Updated Soundtouch to 1.31 (2.5.8)
* Put dynamic matrix conversion into separate file.
* Moved chroma subsampling to image_type section.
* Added specific error reporting when requesting chromasubsampling with Y8.
* Split up merge and plane Swappers.
* Split up Plane transfers into separate classes.
* Added automatic destination colorspace detection on planar YtoUV.
* Took out greyscale and RGB32<->RGB24 from convert.cpp and placed them in separate files.
* All code assuming UVwidth = Ywidth/2 and similar should be gone.

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