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Identify and correct IFO errors.


My first post here, but I've lurked and learnt a lot here for many years. So firstly, thanks to those who have contributed to this forum in the spirit of helping others back up their DVDs.

For many years I've always got by with backing up DVDs using a few of the old favourite programs, although they're not developed any longer.

But then I tried to back up a DVD for the GF recently and ran into issues which I struggled to overcome.

I had some success by de-muxing the first VOB.
Then while looking at the original IFO file I thought I could see things didn't seem to "tie-up" with the start and end values for the VOBUs and sub titles didn't seem to be captured.

I edited an IFO for the VOBUs, just trying stuff out and more by luck than skill, I managed to correct the error I got in the original VOB. I managed to get the correct VOB play time and corrected a sound issue.

However, I'm unsure how I did it and after spending many hours searching threads on this forum and also viewing and researching the IFOEdit website, I've come to wonder if there is a kind of check-list or a "walk through" process for those of us who perhaps like me, would be happy to dig deeper into a VOB by de-muxing, so as to correct IFO issues?

Would anyone here be kind enough to describe how to systematically interogate a de-muxed VOB and correct any embedded IFO errors, please?
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I am lost.
The IFOs are not defective, otherwise the player cannot play them.

there might be, however, inconsistencies between the tables - this is a sort of copy protection.

Another source of inconsistencies is the one between the video parameters in IFO and those stored in the MPEG2 (VOB) files. Also a lame protection.

Could you please be more specific? You did actually said nothing inspite of the plurality of words you used.
What is GF? What is the movie? What software have you used, and how?
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GF = Girl Friend

For sure, we need the details Ghitulescu asked for.
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Hi, thanks so much for replying.

Sorry for the delayed reply, my laptop went down and it's taken a while to get back here.

Being new, I don't want to break any posting rules, but the film is Bridget Jones, "edge of reason".
I've been asked to back it up to the hard drive we have hooked up to the TV.

The first VOB would show a play time of 1min 26sec, which immediately triggered my suspicions.
Then, I believe at the point where I think VOBU1 hands over to VOBU2, the sound stops (I discovered this once I had demuxed VOB1).

I am genuinely curious about the structure and how to recognise "faults".

I use DVDDecrypter for ripping, sometimes with RipIt4Me.
Then I used VOBEdit 0.6 to demux the first VOB file
Once I had the five VOBUs I ran IFOEdit to create .ifo files for the 5 VOBUs.
Then I looked at the .ifo files and noticed some numbers didn't seem to match at the end and beginning of subsequent VOBUs.

As before, I'm not experienced, but after researching here, I have tried to find my way through what I'm looking at.

I feel I just "stumbled" into correcting that issue, but I've such little knowledge and experience I don't feel I now what I've done and probably couldn't do it again.

This is why I thought I'd reach out and ask for help, for which I'd be grateful to receive.

I can try to post images of .ifo, etc, if required.

Just to recap, I am interested in how to break down a VOB and learn about what I'm looking at.


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If you want to purge everything you may want to demux first, may be using PGCDemux m03.
You may rewrite GOP Timecode into demuxed .m2v so that other apps reporting from that TC are not fooled anymore.
Since you want a backup, no cutting is performed.
Then if it's gonna be freeware, you may want to remux using MuxMan 0.16.8.
Final Checks/modifications using PGCEdit 9.3.

If I want to see what I'm doing I reauthor using DVDLabPro 1 or 2,
DVD RemakePro 3.6.3, Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.2, 6.0, 7.0.
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