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Old 16th October 2020, 17:03   #881  |  Link
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Another one similar to the two ones that I brought up above... but neither srestore nor Exblend (with or without PAL mode activated) are giving good results:


Is there anything I can do to get rid of those blends?
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Old 5th June 2021, 09:01   #882  |  Link
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I'm having a PAL VHS which runs in NTSC speed but is a NTSC->PAL conversion with field blending.
Am I able to apply a fix blend for both the interlaced and deinterlaced version (I don't have the hq interlaced versions for all clips for some I only have the low resolution ones which appear to be already deinterlaced)
so they could match with my NTSC hard telecined film which I would IVTC with TFM().TDecimate() ?


I'm also getting a script error with Srestore "expected ')' . In The line 63: avs26=!(VersionNumber() 2.6)

Line 60-65
# ==================================================================================================================================

function Srestore(clip sourceo, float "frate", "omode", float "speed", float "blocks", int "mode", float "thresh", int "cache", clip "dclip")
avs26=!(VersionNumber() < 2.6)
Which doesn't make any sense to me since I already use all the required plugins.
thanks in advance for your help

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Old 5th June 2021, 09:30   #883  |  Link
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make sure you have last update from https://github.com/realfinder/AVS-St.../Srestore.avsi and https://github.com/realfinder/AVS-St...RF_Shared.avsi
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Old 5th June 2021, 14:08   #884  |  Link
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ok it's working. I tried all the different options of srestore but can't seem to get it to the same frames as the dvd source and that is the interlaced I'm not at the progressive yet. So if anyone wants to check out the samples any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot
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Old 23rd August 2021, 11:01   #885  |  Link
Remco Jansen
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FYI: After installing AVS+ 3.70 Srestore gave an "expected )" error. I found I needed to change the position from which to extract the version number in the AvsPlusVersionNumber function for it to start working again:

function IsAvsPlus()
FindStr(VersionString, "AviSynth+") != 0

function AvsPlusVersionNumber()
# IsAvsPlus ? eval(MidStr(VersionString(),17,4)) : 0

# adjusted search position for new AVS+ 3.70
IsAvsPlus ? eval(MidStr(VersionString(),19,4)) : 0
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Old 23rd August 2021, 14:43   #886  |  Link
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From recent [maybe latest] Real.Finder Zs_RF_Shared.avsi,
#### some of StainlessS AvsVersion.avsi https://forum.doom9.org/showpost.php?p=1897680&postcount=5103
Function IsAvsNeo()               { FindStr(VersionString," Neo")!=0}
Function IsAvsPlus()              { FindStr(VersionString,"AviSynth+")!=0||IsAvsNeo}
Function AvsPlusVersionNumber()   { V=VersionString Off=(!IsAvsPlus)?0:FindStr(V,"(r") return (Off==0)?0:V.MidStr(Off+2).Value.Int } # Avs+ & Neo, (More than 4 digits, Max 24 bit, ~16M)
I personally ignore the Neo thing now.
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Old 6th February 2022, 14:18   #887  |  Link
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I was wandering if there is a 64-bit verison of Srestore plugin or similar plugin of this.
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Old 6th February 2022, 14:21   #888  |  Link
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real.finder has kept the function up-to-date.

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Old 2nd August 2022, 13:31   #889  |  Link
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I have a double blended PAL DVD, that is blended on the semi-frame.

My idea was to try to remove the double blending doing a


Then a Weave to reunite the deblended semi-frames.

But i'm not able to end up with a pure 50fps de-blended result.

Srestore seems just not kicking in.

Is that workflow possible?
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Old 7th August 2022, 02:21   #890  |  Link
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Originally Posted by Tlen View Post
Doesn't that by itself give you 23.976fps for a PAL source? If so, then SRestore is 'kicking in'. Why would you want 50fps?
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Old 7th August 2022, 15:42   #891  |  Link
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Why would you want 50fps?
Honestly, i was looping on the fact that i wanted to maintain the original 25.00 fps,
and srestore wasnt't giving me results (or i was not able to make it function in that way),

but thinking about it, the original frate it's not a strict requirement, so i can try with the 23.976 path too.

Thank you for the reply.
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Old 28th September 2023, 22:52   #892  |  Link
Acid fr0g
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Perhaps I should have posted here this.

Long story short: 59.98i to 23.976p, one video badly resized and perhaps telecined, the other simply interlaced.

Can you find some good use for srestore in that case scenario?
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mrestore, srestore

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