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Not sure RGB64 is slower, and i don't intend to start a huge work, because as i said, changing/adding output supported formats means also changing/adding supported formats input for the next filter.
This will be a long work, and i don't intend to spend time on something i think unecessary (again, you can convert lossless afterward).

Again i may have misunderstood... I mean for me not sure RGB64 is slower for the specific case of these plugins.
After, of course, for others plugins, it's another story.
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I just tested a 1000-frame encode,
outputmode = 0, 2.25 fps, 8825.11 kbps, avg QP 15.11
outputmode = 2, 2.26 fps, 8595.19 kbps, avg QP 14.76

Using outputmode = 2 was a tiny bit faster to encode but probably due to the lower avg bitrate. The difference in avg QP is quite big. But like I said, I cannot tell the difference in frame-by-frame comparison of the source, so it probably just stabilizes things.
What I found odd was that outputmode = 2 produces one keyframe more than outputmode = 0. I need to investigate where it is to see what's happening there
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Old 3rd September 2020, 13:48   #143  |  Link
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I'd like to convert an SDR video (rec709) to HDR (rec2020)?
I tried feeding this directly into x265:
ConvertXYZtoYUV(Color=1, pColor=2)
Am I missing something?
I don't think that's what you're doing.
Simply using

ConvertXYZtoYUV(Color=1, pColor=2)
will NOT give you any kind of HDR, you're essentially just converting from BT709 SDR to BT2020 SDR, that's it.
And of course, colors should be identical (if seen using an appropriate display) as it's SDR to SDR.
To properly encode it in x265 make sure you're setting: --colorprim bt2020 --transfer bt2020-10 --colormatrix bt2020nc and nothing else as it's not HDR, it's SDR, BT2020 SDR.

If you wanna go to "fake" HDR for any kind of reason and you wanna use HDRTools, the thing you're looking for is: ConvertXYZ_Scale_SDRtoHDR() with the appropriate parameters. Otherwise, there are always my matrices. I gotta say, though, that unlike SDR to SDR (like BT709 SDR to BT2020 SDR), if you go to HDR (namely BT2020 + a color curve) you're not gonna get an output that is identical to the input even if displayed with a proper display as you're essentially faking a color curve and HDR Metadata. This should be avoided unless you really need to. A common scenario is when you're producing something in HDR PQ or HDR HLG (like a Documentary) and you have some legacy footages to insert every now and then between interviews (and therefore you need to bring those BT709 SDR footages to HDR PQ or HLG).
Anyway, if this is NOT what you're doing, stick with BT2020 SDR.
if your final result is in PQ, make sure to specify:

--hdr-opt --hrd --colorprim bt2020 --transfer smpte2084 --colormatrix bt2020nc --master-display "G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(10000000,0.0050)" --max-cll 1000,400
(that's an example, you have to set master display and cll yourself according to your values)

for HDR HLG:

--hdr-opt --hrd --colorprim bt2020 --transfer arib-std-b67 --colormatrix bt2020nc --atc-sei 18 --master-display "G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635,16450)L(10000000,0.0050)" --max-cll 1000,400

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