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Old 23rd September 2023, 20:09   #781  |  Link
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While editing a file I uploaded a new one by mistake. I see no option to delete a file. If you can do it, please delete the file with ID 103343.
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Old 24th September 2023, 14:24   #782  |  Link
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Hi Masutin

A user option for deletion was intentionally not implemented to avoid ID-leaks and other issues.

You can use this ID for a next file you want to upload and edit this ID and all values and chapters.

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Old 20th October 2023, 13:35   #783  |  Link
von Suppé
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Hi hubble,

When opening a mp4 file with chapters cE returns with an "Error loading of chapter files" that says:

Following files have been ignored.

--- Internal errors ---
- External program not found.

Do I need a specific/additional mp4 parser or .exe in cE folder? I'm running Windows 7 64bit.
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Old 20th October 2023, 14:07   #784  |  Link
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Hi von Suppé

MKVToolNix (mkvmerge) is used as mp4-Parser. You have to set the path in the settings for this.

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Old 21st October 2023, 10:54   #785  |  Link
von Suppé
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Doh, should have rung bells. My apologies, it's been a while...
It's working now, thank you.
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Old 3rd November 2023, 18:15   #786  |  Link
Matroska find' ich toll
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chapterEditor(cE) rev1.41 is available.

It's that time again and this time there's a bigger update.

Firstly, there is a new editor in Matroska Tools -> Matroska Content-Grouping.
And secondly, cE is now compatible with dark mode.

Matroska Content-Grouping

The whole thing is based on the beginnings of Haali and its TRACKSET -> later TRACKSETEX.
A wonderful system for grouping certain tracks and editions together,
to then select everything in the player with just one action.

There was already a TRACKSETEX editor in the old cE,
but Haali Splitter was replaced by the LAV Splitter and this nice feature has been forgotten.

With the new editor everything is a little easier and hopefully a little more intuitive.
There are currently 4 content types that can be grouped: the track types Video, Audio, Subtitle and the editions.
All of these content types can be identified by their UID or the ID(index).
The ID of a track type always corresponds to the ID that mkvmerge and other programs use.
Each type has its own counter that always starts at 0.
For all content types there is an option not to switch this type in the player.
All track types can be deactivated (original Haali only allows this for subtitles).

Why are there ID and UID to identify a content type?

The UID is definitely the most accurate method because this value does not change even if the file is re-muxed.
However, it is not that easy for a normal user to determine these UIDs.
Furthermore, you don't have any of these UIDs when the file is new created.
A Matroska Muxer could offer this as input up front, but then the user would have to create everything manually.
An ID is assigned super quickly and is also easy to determine and is also 100% accurate as long as the file is not changed.

I then thought a few more thoughts about this system and expanded the TRACKSETEX code a little.
This makes it possible to deactivate the video and audio track and the new BCP47 language codes can be used.

The Matroska attachments could also be grouped as content.
For example, a logo or a font for a subtitle, etc.

Since Haali TRACKSETEX was never officially included in the Matroska Specs, the entire system runs on the Matroska tags, which admittedly isn't necessarily the case is optimal.
Nevertheless, it works wonderfully and is very simply structured.

And now probably the most important question: Which player should be able to play this?

There is currently no player that processes this natively.
But I familiarized myself with the mpv player and was able to implement everything using a script.

The project is called mpvMatroska and is intended to turn the mpv player into a Matroska player.
In addition to content grouping, other Matroska features are already supported.

Since chapters with linked editions are also supported in mpvMatroska, I have expanded the Matroska chapter editor for chapter-segment linking.
This allows you to create main-link.mkv files much more quickly and they are also much smaller because you no longer have to specify chapter names.
Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about start and end times.
A 0 for both values is completely sufficient.

A linking chapter then looks like this
1. Chapter - Episode 1, start time 0 - end time 0, ChapterSegmentUID = x0AA....FF, ChapterSegmentEditionUID = 123456

Change chapterEditor

added    &
fixed    *
improved #
changed  %

rev1.41 2023-11-03
// chapterEditor
& Matroska Tools: Matroska Content-Grouping

& Dark-Mode compatibility

* Matroska Parser: EditionDisplay element is now parsed correctly

// Matroska Chapters
& Chapter-Segment-Linking with an edition (ChapterSegmentEditionUID)

// Matroska Content-Grouping
& full support for Haali TRACKSETEX

& extension for the TRACKSETEX code (settings)
  - Video and Audio tracks can be disabled

& keep existing content groups (settings)

& when loading a Matroska file, track and edition data is determined
  - UIDs and IDs
  - Track name and Codec as well as edition names

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