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I also use these modes on my B8, but the gamut option is (!) available in ISF Dark/Bright SDR modes, so I set it to Wide.

Originally Posted by aron7awol View Post
I used the scene at the beginning of Valerian that I've seen others in the AVS thread use to show what Dynamic Clipping does. And I actually think, based on the testing I just did, that similar to the Sky Detection, even though the OSD always shows a change, it doesn't actually kick in when peak < DPL.

At first I was just testing at my normal high DPL, and I was thrown off because even though the frame peak was changing in the OSD, suggesting clipping was occurring, I couldn't find any change in the image whatsoever. And so after messing around with other frames and still not seeing any change, I tried a lower DPL, and sure enough, the clipping (in this case, on her necklace) was immediately in my face obvious. So then I started creeping up on DPL, and the clipping became less and less, and once I got up to the original frame peak, there was no clipping at all.

So it seems it actually works exactly as we want it to, where it only clips as much as needed to bring the frame peak down to DPL, but no more, and so if peak < DPL, not at all.
Indeed!!! Thanks for this test!
I just tested the MMFR sample (keyframe at 00:19 sec, frame peak 6344 without clipping), lum max to see the blue patches.
I tried various DPLs 800/2000/4000 and set the clipping according to them: e.g. at 4000 DPL, 40 DC results in 3954 nits. If I use higher DC e.g. 100 no difference in the patches, if I go lower e.g. 39 there is difference (slight) straight away.
So this one isn't a bug either

Does this mean that there's a lower limit at DPL for this?
If so, then why on earth madvr allows the measured nits value to go lower than DPL?! What's the point?
I mean, with DC we clearly have the lower limit which is DPL!!! (Unlike with the sky algo where we don't have a specific lower limit, at least not that straightforward.)
What am I missing here?

Originally Posted by chros View Post
(Btw, I used 700/60 because I switched off sky algo (=0).)
This one kept me thinking: are you sure that the sky algo is useful for us? (try it with The Meg (TM) sample)
Let's take these two profiles (DPL/DTN/SS):
- p1: 800/60/0
- p2: 800/85/100

The purpose of sky detection is the lower the FALL of high FALL scenes so DTN doesn't result in such high ADPLs, allowing to use higher ADPL value (85 vs 60), right?

But this one actually has a side effect:
- high FALL scenes:
-- with p1: they still have high FALL, so we don't need to use high DPL for these
-- with p2: they have way lower FALL, so to compensate we need high DPL
- lower FALL scenes (not really low ones)
-- with p1: we don't have such high ADPLs due to low DTN
-- with p2: we will have higher ADPLs (than peobably is necessary) due to the higher DPL!!!

What do you think?

Originally Posted by aron7awol View Post
Maybe the 100 10 20 20 that Neo-XP uses? I know he's done extensive testing with it, and if that's not harmful for his lower nits I'm certain it won't be for us!
I agree (if we decide it's useful for us) but that means he changed it in the last 2 months
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