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Old 24th September 2018, 16:16   #1  |  Link
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Traffic camcorder


I am looking for a traffic camcorder that should provide a useable video: compatible video (audio is not really important), rather good low-light and high-light characteristics, an image not too deformed (wide-angle).

My current camera, a Mio 608, has good quality and features, except:
  • the fps is in reality 29.918 although advertised as 30fps
  • the bitrate is very high, some 20Mbps, yet the image is artificially sharpened (after adding the time-code info), leading to annoying double-contours and difficult ot compress afterwards.
  • bad SD-card management

Small size would be an advantage but not needed, quality is important.

So, any ideas of what could suit me? Please from experience, as marketing and ads are usually misleading when not plainly lying.
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Old 16th December 2019, 09:58   #2  |  Link
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The recorder must be reliable
I keep insisting on that in my publications. I emphasize in red - when choosing a registrar, the main criterion is that the number 1 criterion should NOT be the quality of the shooting. The most important thing is the camera's reliability.
NEVER buy a registrar cheaper than $50
Models with a price below this mark are a priori more likely to run into an unreliable device. I'm not even talking about the quality of the shooting, because it's obvious that there's no need to wait for any clear picture. Almost always in such cases, you will be offered to play the same entertaining Chinese lottery "will break - will not break".

1. The best unqualified video recorder, an unattainable benchmark. BlackVue DR900S-1CH $399.99 is 358 EUR
2. optimal and sophisticated, but still premium class. BlackVue DR750S-1CH, $300
3. The most functional and "stuffed" mirror-recorder. TrendVision aMirror 7 Android, $200
4. Magnetic and accessible. CANSONIC C1 GPS, $100
5. Best universal flagship up to $150. AdvoCam FD8 Gold-II GPS+GLONASS, $120
6. The most reliable and well-proven budget recorder. AdvoCam FD Black, $80

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Old 16th December 2019, 13:05   #3  |  Link
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Only for frontview or combined for front/back?

I have a Aukey DR02D

Its for front and back recording. Back is important too, most people forget that. This device is maybe not the best about picture quality, but still far away from being bad. Low Light is acceptable, highs too, there is no perfect solution on market. It blocks often (compression artifacts) in parts with less motion, so bitrate is not the highest, max is 60p for front only and 30p for front and back. For only front there is a 4k version too.
Deforming is hard, mostly every cam hat a wide range view, thats what is needed for these cameras. It also has no batterie which can dry out, this is important.

I am happy with it, it was not that expensive and you dont need it every day, it does its work. I paid 120€ for my.
As I said, its not the best cam, but compared to price, features and quality its very good. If you only need frontview, than go with some other.

Review showing day/night compared to some other camera:

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Originally Posted by mbcd View Post
Only for frontview or combined for front/back?
Blackvue BV-DR900S-1CH have BV-DR900S-2CH <-- two channel

I have a Aukey DR02D
Please tell about this camcorder. Reliable to use?

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Old 17th December 2019, 11:35   #5  |  Link
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What should I tell ablut the DR02?

I have it since about 1.5 years, it works fine, without any problems.
As I said, there are better ones today, at that time it was nearly the only one which had a separate unit for the backview. GPS is a separate unit too.

Also compared to its price it is fine. The Blackvue of course is newer and has better specifications, but also costs about 3x in price. UHD and 60p is great for traffic, but there is always the question how often you use it? I like the Blackvue, but for me it is too expensive for the less usage I have for it.

I am a careful driver, I didnt need it at all, Its nice to have in a case something happend, I dont need it for documentation, or permanent uploading to youtube ... Its a cam to have some evidence in case of an accident.

Also never had problems with SD-Card, but as said, I dont replace my every month. Some things could have been a little better about usability, but it works and is affordable, that was my intention to buy this one. Soundquality is also good, if no one is speaking in the cabin, you can even hear the turnlight-buzzer of my car.

As said, not the best picture-quality, some lack of "premium"-functions or "nice-to-have-gimmics", but it does its work very good. I am happy with it. The posted review shows some of its flaws, but I think every camcoder has its own. Light and darkness are always a problem, unless you pay 1000$ for some fancy stuff. Still the Blackvue has no infrared for lowlight ...

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Old 18th December 2019, 22:06   #6  |  Link
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Coming from a cheapo 60€ dashcam (front/rear cam with audio) which wasn't powering up reliably with the car
I moved on this October to a Vantrue OnDash N2 Pro with GPS.
Not cheap anymore, with GPS clamp like 180.-€.
But a good progress in quality regarding video (1080p HDR) and audio.
Ergonomic, small, surround vision is very good.
Numberplates are well visible in daylight, still hard to read though in the dark.
Events above a certain acceleration are kept in separate folder.
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