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Old 20th September 2011, 12:53   #1  |  Link
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Automatic video overlay

Hello guys!

We are trying to find a solution that will overlay a video with alpha channel on another video.
This should be an automated solution, NLE soft is not an option. We have 70000 videos that need to be overlayed with different motion graphics.

Example of what we need:
Right now we use Rhozet Carbon Coder for all our video needs like transcoding, logo insertion etc.. It has a watch folder feature which is very convenient. If it had a video-over-video, similar to logo insertion option it would be just perfect. But it has not.

The workflow is file-based. File IN > overlay video > File with overlayed video OUT.

Has anyone seen something like this?

Thank you!
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Old 24th September 2011, 05:25   #2  |  Link
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That's very easy with Avisynth,
overlay(a,b)#need to test

Save as overlay.avs, and run with a batch file that has:
avs2avi output.avi#need to verify
in convert.bat
If you name the files consistently, there's probably a way to make a drag'n'drop version.
If you post snippets of video I could do more testing.
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Old 24th September 2011, 11:41   #3  |  Link
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it is also possible to do a simple watch folder feature using just batch scripts alone, example logic from one node perspective (one can basically make as many nodes as necessary, irc i had two running most of the time due to bad cpu utilization of vp6 encoder):

@echo off

:: generate filelist
cd 01_zakodiranje_avs
dir /b *.avs > filelist_node1.txt 2> nul

:: is error is 1 then wait 10 s, else continue
if %ERRORLEVEL% == 1 (
title node1_waiting...

sleep 30
GOTO :start
:: else

:: get me just the 1st file
for /f %%a in (filelist_node1.txt) do (
echo %%a>filelist_node1_first.txt
goto :naprej


set /P firstfile=<filelist_node1_first.txt
echo %firstfile%

del filelist_node1.txt


:: copy filelist and avs script into directory 02_akcija_node1 if filelist is not null

move 01_zakodiranje_avs\%firstfile% 02_akcija_node1\
move 01_zakodiranje_avs\filelist_node1_first.txt 02_akcija_node1\

:: send 02_akcija/filelist.txt and wait until flvenc returns 
cd 02_akcija_node1
title node1_akcija

call T:\path\flvENC_tcm.bat filelist_node1_first.txt avs-"t:\path\templateFLV.avs" vp6-"t:\path\vp6_VBR482.conf"

:: copy everything from 02_akcija into 03_skodirano
title node1_kopiram

move 02_akcija_node1\*.avs 03_skodirano\
del 02_akcija_node1\filelist_node1_first.txt
move 02_akcija_node1\*.flv 03_skodirano\

:: goto start

GOTO :start
directory structure would/could be:

certain other member
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Old 6th October 2011, 20:52   #4  |  Link
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Thank you for your answers, but unfortunately i haven't added one thing to the equation - these 70000 files are in different format like DNxHD, CANOPUS HQ, Apple ProRes422, H.264 in MOV and MP4, MPEG, XDCAM, DVC PRO.
This is all the original footage we get from our different suppliers.
This means that in purpose to use Avisynth, it all needs to be prepared as AVI, and it's a huge amount of conversion work.
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Old 7th October 2011, 09:53   #5  |  Link
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Well, a little bit of work is required. If the machines will do EVERYTHING maybe your job would be superfluous
A sort of automation may be obtained using directshowsource, provided you have installed all the codecs that your files/formats require. The test is that WMP would play them, then the codecs are installed. There are some issues however with directshowsource.

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alpha, automatic, file-based, overlay, video

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