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LRC to ASS/SSA and Back Again

I've been learning a lot about Karaoke Lyrics these last few days. I was wondering if anyone could clear some things up and maybe give some advice.
I don't like .CDG (basically a graphics file) files but there are primarily what I have. Any new Karaoke song I create or when I want to create a Videoke (video with karaoke lyrics on top) I like the idea of using a subtitle like solution rather than having things hard coded "like" CDG files.
I couldn't find a way to convert CDG files to LRC or SSA/ASS files, but I know I can convert CDG files to text (using Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro) but I don't see how that is helpful without the timing, otherwise I can just get the lyrics online.
The Questions:
Is there a way to convert CDGs to something useable other than avi/mpeg files, such as LRC or ASS/SSA files? I think the answer is no. I have played around with sub converts (DVD subtitles), and I figured anything for those would be similarly clunky for CDG files, but I can't find anything that can make that conversion, only to a video file such as xvid in an .avi or mpeg2 in an .mpg file. I thought I found something, but it turns out their feature list is actually their wish list it was CD+Graphics Magic (CDGMagic.sourceforge.net). I did find a program that can do this with burned in subs, but I'd still lose the timing.

Would LRC or SSA/ASS be more likely to be future supported in products like XBMC (now Kodi) or VLC for Karaoke playback?

Also, if I locked myself in with LRC or SSA/ASS would I be stuck with either, as in I can't convert to the other without losing my timing? I didn't see any way to convert from one to the other without losing timing. If I were to be locked in I think SSA/ASS has more functionality but LRC might be more of a Karaoke standard in the future, but I don't know, which is why I asked two questions back.

Also, is there anyway to play an mp3 with a LRC or ASS/SSA or any other subtile standard? I couldn't find a way. My fail safe would be to use a blank video to get the subtitles to pull up.
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Old 29th September 2014, 20:23   #2  |  Link
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I never heard of a software that can convert things the way you want to. Most likely you will have to make timing for your ASS karaoke from scratch.
ASS (please forget about SSA) is supported in all (good) media players for ages, and there is no reason why would it stop being supported in the future, unless people will give up on subs for whatever reason. By the way if you don't need a text animation, good old SRT may be also an option.
LRC is a pretty easy human-readable text format. There might be no software to covert it, but it should be possible to make one even using something as stupid as windows batch files (better to use some real programming or scripting language though).
Foobar2000 with appropriate plugin allows you to display and create LRC (audio format is irrelevant). ASS on the other hand never meant to be used without video. I don't think it is possible.

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Thank you for the response.

I didn't think there was something that can convert CDG while also keeping timing.
SRT isn't really an option because without the animation the timing can be difficult when singing if people don't know the song very well.

I found something will do LRC to CDG. I was more concerned about moving away from CDG as it limits my options; I think ASS is better overall for control of the timing and animation though.
I don't know how I could make an LRC file with windows batch files...? But, like I said, I found a good tool more making LRC already.

Good to know about Foobar2000 playing audio and LRC. Still trying to find a solution for LRC or ASS that lets me play video in the same play list. I think I might just have to make blank videos for my ASS files to play though

Looks like no good new for me, thank you for replying.
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Old 3rd October 2014, 01:03   #4  |  Link
ангел смерти
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CDG is a gigantic pain of a format. I hate it. There's some good code to parse it in CDG Editor but converting it to an OCRable format like SUP or SUB/IDX would be a giant pain -- you have to watch for certain patterns to appear to get anything at all, like when you hit a "Memory Preset" you know the last Tile Block was the full text, but some also peel away during the lyrics to create a rolling sub and thus don't have Memory Presets for every screen. To get the actual timing of each letter would be almost impossible, I don't know of a single software that can discern karaoke timing from graphics.

Unless someone steps up to write this software, I see a lot of manual labor in your future. At least CDG Editor can get you exact timecodes of various events. (Assuming the CDG itself was made well and not just slapped together.)
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ass, cdg, karaoke, lrc, ssa

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