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Follow up to "Samsung shows The Wall"

Hi there,
I wanted to reply to this topic Samsung shows The Wall MicroLED TV at 292 inches, 8K at 150 inches but I can't as only moderators and admin can reply in the News section...
The reason why I wanted to reply when I saw it was because I thought: "No way! I saw it in real life!" which is exactly what happened a few months ago...

Everything started when I was in the Studio (at work) and my boss receives an unusual request. Apparently, Samsung was going to release a brand new TV to the public, an incredibly huge panel and they wanted to show it to the potential buyers. Of course, since we're the largest broadcast company of the country (and in many countries in Europe), they contacted us as they wanted to show something that was able to top out their TV but at the same time that wasn't a demo or something. So, we made a 30-min clip with our contents so that they were going to be able to show the TV with something that was closer to what users were going to have at home and at the same time we were able to sponsor our original productions and works. Anyway, long story short, they asked us to deliver an HDR10 clip in PQ H.265 4:2:0 Type2 10bit BT2100 at 2000 nits 50 Mbit/s and a Dolby Atmos and we did, however everything was graded to 1000 nits as the contents were originally shot in Log with cameras that had a fair amount of stops and then graded to 1000 nits to make use of the whole dynamic range of the HLG curve (as we air in HLG), so it wasn't really possible to re-grade everything to 2000 nits as it would have been fake.

Anyway, a few impressions on the TV:
When I first saw it, it was huge, really huge. They welcomed us to the Samsung HQ, they gave us a badge and then they showed us a huge room with a pretty big door meant to prevent external noise from getting into the room. The room literally looked like a cinema, with 6 seating, two close to the screen, the other in the back. The sound was impressive as it was like being at the cinema, really and our contents were showing the true potential of having such a surround effect. As to the monitor, as I said, it was huge; if you look at it from far away, like the front two seats or the other back ones, it looks like a normal panel, however as you get really close to it you can see each individual "tile" bright up, especially when it's turned off. One other thing that I noticed was that... boy, it was hot... Like, really... I got close to it while it was displaying 1000 nits and... I felt all of them... for real... It was as if I was watching the sun from a window, which just shows what it means to have 1000 nits of such a huge screen right in your face. Of course, when you seat at the right distance, you don't see the tiles and you don't feel any heat. As to the viewing experience, it was really bright, but still comfortable to watch and in terms of luma and chroma, the viewing experience didn't actually differ much from my tiny and hugely expensive professional Canon monitor I have at work with which I did the grading together with my boss, which is a compliment for such a TV as it's aimed at consumers... Sure, enthusiast consumers, but consumer nonetheless... One of the thing I didn't like, though, as an encoder, was the dynamic mode or whatever they call it. Basically, it's capable of doing two things: the first is to upscale a FULL HD SDR file and it kinda did it alright, but it's also capable of doing another thing: bringing a 1000 nits HDR PQ file to 2000 nits (the maximum of that monitor) by re-mapping it dynamically and use the whole range available. When they turned that mode on, it was incredibly bright, perhaps too bright... Colors were very saturated, the contrast was pushed up a lot and it was as if the whole TV was screaming "look at how good I am".
Of course, many people, especially consumers, like this kind of settings and they generally keep their TVs with these features turned on, however, personally, as someone who did the grading and had a certain idea of how the image was supposed to look like, I preferred the natural mode as it was very close to what I was seeing in the monitor of the Studio; the same goes for my boss who worked together with me to grade everything. Of course, users will be able to choose which mode they prefer, so that's a good thing, but I'm pretty sure many people will choose the dynamic mode and just be astonished by how good colors are and how strong the contrast is and how black the black is and how bright the peak bright is and so on...
Anyway, overall, it's a very good TV which definitely doesn't go unnoticed and I do think that whoever can afford it can make their dream of a private cinema come true. In my case, it would be bigger than my whole living room, so... you know... I guess we can say that I'm broke compared to many of my colleagues xD

Oh, one final thing, the picture!
This is me on the left (the young one) and Livio on the right (my boss, the not-so-old one):

As a very final note, every content was in 4K 'cause we're still very experimental with 8K and we didn't really want to make a clip about what people can't get to their home, but there were good tests running by some of my colleagues which unfortunately stopped because of the outbreak of coronavirus...
Hopefully, we'll get back to normal when this whole mess will be over...

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Great story! Thanks for sharing it.
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filler56789 says to FranceBB for his useful post.
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