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Old 13th February 2016, 01:50   #1  |  Link
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MeGUI Problem (fatal error - could not load file or assembly)

Hey guys! Having problems I can't seem to track down myself - so I turn to the experts!

Let me preface the issue by saying I haven't touched any encoding since about the beginning of November. Decided to encode something the other day and MeGUI won't even load a script without getting a fatal error. Apparently MeGUI updated a few issues, but that's about the only major change on the system that was made (that I actively recall outside of installing a video game or two).

Reinstalled AVISynth and MeGUI from scratch, but I still get the same issues as seen here:

The error above is a trying to load the following script:

LWLibavVideoSource("D:\Video\Images\SGATE\T2_Video - -muxed.mkv.lwi")

crop(0, 140, 0, -140)
Suptitle(".\T5_Subtitle - English.sup")
I have noticed that when I remove the last line (the Suptitle function), it will load as expected. No issues. Apparently this is an AVISynth plugin problem for me? I have other similar scripts and more complicated scripts - all with the same issue. If it needs a function that exists within my AVISynth directory, I get the above error message.

I should mention, the script plays just fine (with any lines of code) in MPC-HC as well as AVSP (as seen here)

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance!
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Old 13th February 2016, 11:48   #2  |  Link
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I can confirm the problem running MeGUI 2627 on XP. I don't understand it.

I tried putting msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll in all the logical locations. I'm not sure which helped, but I put copies in the MeGUI folder (which MeGUI kindly removes every time it starts up) in the Avisynth plugins folder (with SupTitle.dll and SupCore.dll) and also in the same folder as the script and subtitle file. That initially allowed me to use SupTitle() in a script and preview it, but MeGUI would offer the same error if I then tried to use the Tools or Options menu, even after the script was closed. Eventually I gave up and removed all extra copies of msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll, only to discover the problem's gone. I can now use SupTitle() in a script without error and MeGUI's menus still work. Go figure......

It'll probably go back to the way it was after I reboot. I was always able to open a script containing SupTitle() with MPC-HC without an issue, so it seems like it is an MeGUI problem.
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Old 14th February 2016, 00:11   #3  |  Link
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For me, it's not just SupTitle() that causes the problem. But if there are others getting the error, then I guess it's time for the command line until the problem is fixed?
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Old 24th September 2016, 14:44   #4  |  Link
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I have the same problem now. Runnig Win7 x64.

Scripts with SupTitle can be loaded, but I cannot access the x264 settings or most of the dialogs from the menu. Enqueuing the script works. Haven't tested an actual encode run yet.

It is of no use to just close the script or "Reset" the GUI. The error stays. Only restarting the GUI makes the settings accessible again, as long as no SupTitle'd script is loaded.

In the log files, there seems to be missing a "MeGUI.resources.dll" in the avisynth_plugin folder, but I am very sure that there was never such a file in it.

I also didn't change anything in the MeGUI program folder. It literally happened over night. Scripts without SupTitle do not produce this problem.

Any idea, how this can be fixed?
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Old 24th September 2016, 16:49   #5  |  Link
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Don't know if it may be related or no, but the last
windows 10 update erase both dll Hello-Hello is talking

Actually, up to now, I haven't had any problem with Megui,
but did have it with some other programs that uses them
like DLNow Video Downloader.

Hope this could be helpful.

Last edited by locotus; 24th September 2016 at 19:56. Reason: Mismatch the other program name.
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Old 24th September 2016, 17:59   #6  |  Link
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Any Windows 10 related solutions or proposals may not work with Windows 7. I also tried to supply all the logical places (System32, SysWOW64, avisynth_plugin) with the msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll. I also removed all of those. In the system folders, they reappear on their own. Nothing worked.

I got a new copy of MeGUI from sourceforge and disabled anti-virus before that. Maybe it is detecting a false-positive in the MeGUI software. In the end, all that did not help. The error persists. The strangest thing of all is, that I did not touch ANYTHING. Something else must have happend and broke it.
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Old 3rd October 2016, 12:09   #7  |  Link
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I can reproduce it but I cannot fix it. It seems to be an incompatibility between AviSynth 2.6 and the way MeGUI reads the AVS content. Only workaround from my side would be to completly disable the in memory reading of AVS files (thus disabling previews, audio encoding, media information, ...) which I will not do for obvious reasons.

Use 2.5.x and it should work. As the author of the program lost the source code it is very unlikely that a proper plugin for 2.6 will appear.
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