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Can moderators get strikes, too?
Technically yes, though practically their work is governed by separate moderator rules. If you see moderator conduct that is not in agreement with those rules, use the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with an administrator.

Why can I not see who struck me

Moderators have the option to identify themselves when striking a user. Doing so is optional though. This is to prevent members from going on a vendetta because they feel they were unjustly struck.

If you disagree with a strike, here's how you can contest a strike.

How to contest a strike

When you receive a PM or email telling you that you have violated a forum rule, a moderator has found that you violated one of our forum rules.

A link to the offending post / PM should be provided in that message.

If you do not agree that a rule was violated, send a private message to Doom9 or an email to strikes at doom9 dot net (write this as an email address). Include the PM that you were sent, and why you think the strike was not justified.

Under no circumstances should you mention your strike in public - doing so will forfeit your rights to an appeal, as well as earn you another strike.

Why do I get 2 strikes if I violate forum rules 4 or 6

We feel that profanity or insulting other members is a particular serious breach of etiquette and thus, a rule 4 strike will count as two regular strikes (and thus two thirds to a suspension).

Likewise, dealing with illegitimate content could bring to authorities to this forum. Since we do not have infinite resources to fight authorities or copyright holders, people who bring such content here put this place in grave danger. Therefore, an infraction of rule 6 also counts as two regular strikes.

Why does the link I received in a strike PM not work

In certain cases, moderators are require to edit or even remove posts from the public's eye. Since the strike link references the actual infraction, it can thus be that the link goes a removed post / thread that you cannot see. That doesn't mean it has been deleted - it has merely been moved to a place where only moderators can see it.

If this should happen to you and you were not given any notice as to what the infraction really was, follow the procedure on how to contest a strike to request more information.

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