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Old 11th February 2009, 21:43   #1  |  Link
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How do I crop the 8 blurred lines caused by Radeon cards during DXVA playback?

I posted this question a while back in the MPC-HC thread:

Originally Posted by Turtleggjp View Post
Does anyone else experience blurring at the bottom of the video (last 8 lines or so) when accelerating H.264 or VC-1 videos with ATI cards? The problem does not show up on most Blu Ray videos, because most have black bars at the top and bottom. The ones that do have full frame video have this problem. Playing the discs in PowerDVD does not show the problem, however using PowerDVD's DXVA filter in MPC does show the problem, so I don't think MPC HC's DXVA implementation is to blame. I also have the problem with my x264 encodes of TV shows I have recorded, since they are mostly full frame (1920x1080). I had this problem with my Radeon 3450, and was happy to see that a GeForce 8500 did not have this problem (this card won't bitstream VC-1 though). I recently upgraded to a Radeon 4650, hoping that this issue had been fixed (on ATI's side) and dreaming of one day getting a receiver with HDMI audio capability. To my surprise, this blurring issue still remains! Needless to say I was not happy, and am currently awaiting a new GeForce 9400 Motherboard hoping that Nvidia will continue to work better.

I am using Windows XP SP2, and the System default renderer. I tried other renderers, and the problem seems to go away if I use VMR9, but I get bad tearing when I use that one. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

I was told that the last line was being repeated 8 times to bring the image up to a mod 16 resolution (1920x1080 -> 1920x1088), and that it should be up to the renderer to crop off these excess lines. I never got an answer about how to do this, but it didn't really matter, because I had moved on to my GeForce 9400 motherboard and did not experience this problem anymore. However, I recently built a new system for someone that used a Radeon 4830 card (for gaming), and during my testing of it, the blurring issue was still there. So is there a way to solve this problem? As I said before, the blurring seems to go away when using VMR9, but even on this higher end system (Core2 Duo E8500, Radeon 4830) playback is very choppy when I switch to that renderer. It would be nice to resolve that issue as well, since the choppy playback issue with VMR9 also occurs with my GeForce 9400 setup, and I may someday want to play videos with subtitles using VMR9 Renderless. Thanks!

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Old 16th February 2009, 18:14   #2  |  Link
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Which version of MPC-HC are you using?

And what filters do you use for playback?
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Old 18th February 2009, 04:41   #3  |  Link
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I have tried with various versions of MPC-HC, and am using the built-in DXVA decoders. I believe the problem was also there when using PowerDVD's decoder. Plus, this issue also seems to show up using my FusionHDTV card's software to playback live TV (1080i stations only show this problem, 720p stations are fine) so I don't think it is a problem with MPC-HC, but rather ATI's drivers or implementation of DXVA playback. When playing back a full Blu Ray disc in PowerDVD though, the problem is not there, so I guess PowerDVD is able to crop the 8 lines itself.

I find it surprising that not many others have noticed this issue, but then again most Blu Ray movies are in letterboxed format, and when the 8 repeated lines are black, nothing looks blurred.
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Old 16th December 2015, 15:08   #4  |  Link
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atm i'm converting an amd c-50 with hd 6250 gpu into my sleep room htpc and amd still has this "blur" bug in their latest drivers.
anybody knows a fix or special driver ?
btw i have to use windows xp cause vista/7/8/10 are ~20-50%% slower on this machine.
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