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VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS

This VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid [2022.03.20] DMG package includes:

VapourSynth-R57 Installer
Downloaded from https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=175522
VapourSynth Plugins for Hybrid
Downloaded from https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=175522
Hybrid 2022.03.20
Downloaded from https://www.selur.de/downloads
MKVToolNix 53.0.0 (The last version compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave)
XQuartz 2.8.1 (Required to read image sequences by Hybrid)
Downloaded from https://www.xquartz.org/
D2V Witch v4 (Required to read and process VOB files and DVDs in Hybrid)
Downloaded from https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=175522
VulkanSDK (Required to run Waifu2x nvk, SRMD, Placebo and other Vulkan-based VapourSynth filters in Hybrid)
Downloaded from https://vulkan.lunarg.com/sdk/home
JESExtensifier 3.0.5 (It helps to change aspect ratio and other metadata tags inside MOV container)
Downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x8o2q07zy...-Wj_Ome8a?dl=0
You can also use instead AMCDXVideoPatcher http://mogurenko.com/ or BBC QTFF Parameter Editor command line tool https://github.com/bbc/qtff-parameter-editor

DOWNLOAD package from Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...D6?usp=sharing

Quick FAQ for Beginners:

VapourSynth http://www.vapoursynth.com/ is a cross-platform Open Source application for video manipulation with command line interface. It also can be used as a plugin inside other video editing apps, video players and UI wrappers. It require Python https://www.python.org/ environment to work. VapourSynth support external Plugins http://vsdb.top/ (.dylib extension on macOS). Some plugins may require additional Dependencies Libraries (also .dylib extension on macOS). It also may require external Script files (.py extension) to automate some processes.
Current version of VapourSynth (including Python, Plugins, Dependencies Libraries and Scripts) is wrapped inside single Framework container. On macOS it is installed to:
Dependencies Libraries installed to:
External Plugins installed to:
Scripts installed to:
Some legacy apps may read Dependencies Libraries and Pugins from legacy location:
To fix legacy incompatibility problems VapourSynth installs to that directory special alias links from "libvapoursynth-script.dylib" and "libvapoursynth.dylib" files.

QTGMC http://avisynth.nl/index.php/QTGMC is a series of scripts for VapourSynth that combine chain of different plugins and produce Motion Compensation deinterlace with double frame rate and amazing artifacts-free quality.

Hybrid http://www.selur.de/ is a cross-platform UI wrapper for VapourSynth filters, scripts https://github.com/Selur/VapoursynthScriptsInHybrid and a bunch of other video tools http://www.selur.de/licence It use well known FFmpeg library https://evermeet.cx/ffmpeg/ to read and write ProRes MOV files as well as many other codecs and file types. Scripts, FFmpeg, x264, MKVToolNix and some other important components located inside Hybrid.app can be easily updated manually.
Hybrid combines a lot of video tools inside but opposite to Windows version it don't contains pre-installed VapourSynth on macOS. To make QTGMC work on macOS you need to install and adjust VapourSynth with all required plugins and scripts separately.

Prepare to Installation FAQ:

Hybrid 2022 contains a lot of fundamental internal changes. To avoid preferences conflict you need COMPLETELY UNINSTALL LEGACY HYBRID 2018 or 2020 VERSION, DON'T LAUNCH THAT LEGACY VERSIONS ANYMORE and DON'T IMPORT ANY SAVED LEGACY PRESETS TO NEW VERSION:
1. Make screenshots of pages with important Hybrid settings.
2. Delete "Hybrid.app" from "Applications" folder.
3. Delete folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid
4. Delete file ~/Library/Preferences/de.selur.Hybrid.plist

Do NOT install VapourSynth with Homebrew https://brew.sh/ because it use legacy installation paths.
Do NOT mix this installer with other VapourSynth versions or with different installers made by other people.
If you used any other VapourSynth installations before - delete old versions before install this one.

Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection):
Restart computer
Hold down "Command + R" to reboot into Recovery Mode
Click Utilities, select Terminal and type:
csrutil disable
Press "Enter" on keyboard and restart computer

Allow install apps from unidentified developers by typing in Terminal:
sudo spctl --master-disable
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

Disable Gatekeeper turning back on automatically after 30 days by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.security GKAutoRearm -bool NO
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

Disable quarantine for downloaded apps by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write com.apple.LaunchServices LSQuarantine -bool NO
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

For more details see additional FAQs:

Hybrid 2022 is fully compatible with macOS 10.14, 10.15 and 11.0, but i personally still recommend to use macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and don't see any practical reason move to newer macOS versions with increased security restrictions and without 32-bit apps support.

Installation FAQ:

1. Open "VapourSynth+Plugins+Scripts+Hybrid-2022.03.20.dmg"
2. Install "VapourSynth-R57.pkg"
3. Install "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg"
4. Install "XQuartz.pkg" (optional)
5. Install Vulkan SDK (optional)

VapourSynth installer creates "VapourSynth" folder on your Desktop with quick alias links to Plugins, Dependencies, Scripts and Uninstall script. You can move this folder to any location, or just delete it.

When you open "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg" or "Hybrid.app" first time, it may give you a message: "can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."

To fix this problem mouse right-click on "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg" or "Hybrid.app", select in menu "Open", and next press "Open" button in pop-up window.

UI Customization FAQ
It is possible (and highly recommended) to use native system buttons with text names instead of custom UI icons and also adjust UI font size from Menu -> View.

It is also possible to use "misc.ini" file to change some other hidden settings:
Show invisible files and folders by pressing "Command + Shift + ."

Create invisible folder ".hybrid" in home directory ~/.hybrid/
Put "misc.ini" file included in DMG package inside that ".hybrid" folder

See more info about customization using "misc.ini" file here https://forum.selur.net/showthread.php?tid=10.

Usage FAQ:

Open File
Set Output Folder
Render file (Command-F1 keyboard shortcut)
Base -> Video: ProRes
Base -> Audio: passthrough all
Base -> Default container: mov
Base -> Generate
ProRes -> Profile: ProRes 422 HQ
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Deinterlacer: QTGMC (VapourSynth)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Overwrite input scan type to: (For Hi8 tape sources set it to "Top Field List", For DV tape sources set it to "Bottom Field List". If rendered video plays back with with "jumping/strobing" frames effect, change Field List order setting)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Preset: Slow (in "Custom mode" you can also experiment with other settings)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Bob (use for double frame rate deinterlace mode)
Filtering -> VapourSynth -> Color -> -> Matrix -> ColorMatrix: From Rec.601/470bg/470m To BT.709 (apply only If you upscale SD to HD with Crop/Resize tools in Hybrid)
Filtering -> VapourSynth -> Frame -> Resize -> Resizer: NNEDI3
Neural network resizer NNEDI3 removes jaggies upscale artifacts on contrast diagonal lines, but don't adds artificial oversharpening. Recommended settings for CPU: Neurons 32 (64 max), Network 2. NNEDI3 use its own internal resize algorithm and don't depends of resize algorithm selected in "Crop/Resize" tab.

Some Tips to Speedup Workflow:

Turn on GPU and OpenCL support in plug-ins when possible and select "Device: -1" (autodetection). Depending of hardware it will give you 2x to 5x speed increase.
Instead of "Open File" dialog it is possible to drag and drop file directly to path field.
For batch processing you can select multiple files in "Open File" dialog or drag and drop multiple files directly to path field.

Config -> Filenames -> Suffix:
Config -> Paths -> Default input path:
Config -> Paths -> Default temp path:
Config -> Paths -> Adjust: Output path to source path
Config -> Profiles -> Auto save defaults (this allow to remember all program settings on next launch)
Config -> Internals -> FFmpeg/MEncoder threads: (set it according to your CPU)
Config -> View -> Uncheck "Show tooltip sidebar" (you can just mouse right-click on any text name to show tooltip)
Jobs -> Misc -> Delete jobs when finished

Known Bugs and Fixes:

Problem: Hybrid/FFmpeg renders ProRes 4444 only as 10 bit, but not as 12 bit.
Problem fix: No any fix yet, because it is just a FFmpeg limitation https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/8054

Problem: No correct NCLC color tags written to MOV container.
Problem fix: Manually add tags with JESExtensifier, AMCDXVideoPatcher or with BBC QTFF Parameter Editor.

Problem: New versions of FFmpeg may produce incorrect .mov file duration when source video is very short (less than 1 second).
Problem fix: Config -> Input -> Decoding -> FFmpeg vsync handling: Set it to "auto"

Problem: Error message "Title selection, returned no title!" when opening DVDs that contain multiple short films, cartoons or music videos that have length less than 10 minutes.
Problem fix: Config -> Input -> Ignore playlists with: -> Set "Minimum length Mpis/DVD (min)" to 15/1

Problem: When opening DVDs that contains large amount of Titles, Hybrid UI may freeze for about 1-3 minutes during "Analyzing a/v for title X of XX" and same time "tccd" process in system monitor start to load CPU. "tccd" process also may start in background after finished DVD remuxing job.
If force close Hybrid while "tccd" process is running, it will load CPU forever until you restart computer.

Problem Fix: "tccd" is normal system process that always runs on computer but in normal situation it don't loads CPU. Keep an eye on "tccd" process in system monitor and don't close Hybrid while this process loads CPU. Process usually finished automatically in about 1-3 minutes and Hybrid UI is back to normal.

Problem: "Jumping/strobing" frames effect during playback in QuickLook or QuickTime X Player, when video was rendered to MP4 x265 with "FFmpeg instead of MP4Box" setting.
Problem fix v1: Do not use "FFmpeg instead of MP4Box"
Problem fix v2: Use MKV container instead of MP4.

Problem: In disabled filters when cursor appears over areas with checkboxes, vertical scrolling suddenly stops.
Problem fix: No any fix yet, because bug (or feature) in qt6 interface framework.

Problem: Startup slowdown and error pop-up message if for some reason you add Hybrid to "Allow the apps below to control your computer" list in macOS System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility.
Problem fix: Do not add Hybrid to "Allow the apps below to control your computer" list.

Problem: Green Fullscreen window button sometimes may became active, but may not work correctly.
Problem fix: Switch to Fullscreen mode using Menu -> View

Problem: Requirement to disable Gatekeeper, allow to install apps from unidentified developers and add some other system tweaks. Also when you start PKG installer or Hybrid first time, it give you a message: "can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."
Problem fix: described earlier in Installation FAQ.

Problem: Some newer plugins are not compatible with macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.
Problem fix: Use macOS 10.15 or higher if you need those plugins.

Problem: Vulkan SDK version and higher fails to install on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/MoltenVK/issues/1360
Problem fix 1: Use macOS 10.15 or higher.
Problem fix 2: For Mojave use Vulkan SDK version

Open "vulkansdk-macos-"
Open Terminal & browse to the vulkan mount point with the following command:
cd /Volumes/vulkansdk-macos-
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Run the following command to install:
sudo ./install_vulkan.py
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

VapourSynth Plugins Used by Hybrid:

More detailed info about filter color models and bit depth restrictions here https://forum.selur.net/showthread.php?tid=1538
Direct download links from http://vsdb.top/vapoursynth/mac/

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When i capture from Hi8 tape to ProRes422 MOV, there are always some slightly clipped highlights and overloaded colors. It looks clipped in color managed QuicktimeX player as well as in non color managed VLC player.

I see same "clipped" look when i remux AVI DV source captured on Windows to MOV DV container without recompression.

That clipping amount is less than Full vs Video levels difference, so wrong Levels setup is not a source of this problem i guess.

If i put that "clipped" file to Resolve on mac OS, it also looks clipped but i can magically bring back large amount of clipped data by adjusting Gain down.

If i put that "clipped" file to Vegas Pro on Windows, and render again to native ProRes422 MOV, and then put it into Resolve - there is no clipping. It looks exact like with manually adjusted Gain.

It looks like some another very specific and strange macOS-related problem with some transformations between video and RGB...

UPDATE1. In DaVinci Resolve, if i render these videos with hidden clipped data to ProRes422HQ with render setting "Retain sub-black and super-white data" and import back to Resolve - it keeps that hidden clipped data, and i can recover it when adjust Gain down.

If i render without render setting "Retain sub-black and super-white data" and import back to Resolve - that hidden clipped data is lost and i see only plain digital clipping when adjust Gain down.

It feels like i deal with some kind of magic Hi8 RAW that never clips
I am not against adjusting in Resolve like this, but i just can't understand the nature of this phenomenon. Seems is not related specially to Hi8 or DV. I also noticed that hidden highlights are very different. Sometimes they so deep, that they are not fully recovered even if i change Video to Full levels in clip attributes.

Here are few examples. Capture chain: Hi8 Sony CCD-TR3100E S-Video OUT -> Kramer FC-400 Time Base Corrector -> BlackMagic Intensity Pro PCI card S-Video IN -> MediaExpress -> ProRes422HQ -> Resolve YRGB non color managed project Rec709/gamma2.4

Test pattern generated by Kramer TBS corrector looks ok. No clipping:

Some extremely bright and saturated clipped experimental stuff. Hi8 tape:

Same video with adjusted Gain:

Other not so bright example but also clipped. Hi8 tape:

Adjusted Gain:

Here is another example from MiniDV tape. AVI DV was captured in WIndows directly from camera with FireWire interface.

UPDATE2. In addition problem with highlights clipping on Hi8/DV tapes captured with MediaExpress to ProRes422HQ on macOS, here is another example of very strange hidden highlights clipping problem in Hi8 and DV tapes captured earlier on Windows with consumer TV tuner card or digitally with FireWire card to AVI DV.

AVI DV -> QT Player 7 remux-to MOV DV -> Vegas CLIPPING


AVI DV -> QT Player 7 remux-to MOV DV -> Hybrid convert-to MOV ProRes422HQ -> Vegas NO CLIPPING

MediaExpress capture-to MOV ProRes422HQ -> Vegas NO CLIPPING

Same time on macOS tape captured to DV as well as to ProRes422HQ in ANY player or ANY app ALWAYS looks with clipped highlights.
But as described earlier, those hidden highlights are very easy to bring back in Resolve, or keep during render for future recovery by selecting render setting "Retain sub-black and super-white data". But it is impossible to bring them back in Vegas, even if switch Vegas project to 32 bit.

Clipping difference examples directly from Vegas 16 Preview:

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Some thoughts about Resize filters:

Lanczos Resize filter in Hybrid is slightly sharper than Resolve "Sharp" resize filter in project settings. But difference is very small and overall they produce 99% the same result.

Resolve SuperScale filter in Clip Attributes is with Sharpen/Noise Reduction set to Low/Low is definitely sharper than Lanczos Resize filter in Hybrid. For my subjective opinion it look too sharp and too plastic for SD sources upscaling.

Lanczos + NNEDI3 neural network resizer seems the best. It removes jaggies upscale artifacts on contrast diagonal lines, but doesn't add artificial oversharpening. On maximum settings it is very slow.

Here are SD to 1440x1080 renders additionally 200% magnified to see the difference:

It appears that if you use NNEDI3 Resize, it always use only its internal resize method (looks like based on Lanczos) and don't depends of Resize method selected in "Crop/Resize" tab at all.

In case if for some reason you decide don't use NNEDI3 Resize, here are some test results of different Resize methods in "Crop/Resize" tab:
8 - Sinc: adds very aggressive sharpening effect
9 - Lanczos: tiny sharpening, crisp looking, OK for everyday.
3 - Experimental: sharpness somewhere between Bicubicspline and Lanczos.
10 - Bicubicspline: slightly softer than Lanczos
2 - Bicubic: softer than Bicubicspline
7 - Gauss: softer than Bicubic

Here is another interesting test. Poor quality chroma edges from miniDV camera where magically fixed by NNEDI3 resize. Further NNEDI3 Upscale to QHD (1920x1440) and UHD4K (2880x2160) compare to HD makes no real difference in quality even if compare side by side on UHD4K timeline.
Some people recommend 960x720 as a master copy for deinterlaced video because 1280x720 @50fps allows to playback from bluray disc, but as you can see NNEDI3 resize to 960x720 looks softer than NNEDI3 resize to HD. So i personally recommend 1440x1080.

Another interesting option is 1556x1152 (this is dual 768x576). It allow to crop black borders and fit source to 1440x1080 in Resolve without additional upscaling step.

Tests made on UHD 4K timeline:





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Higher quality QTGMC presets adds higher amount of "Final temporal smoothing". As a result footage looks cleaner but may miss some fine "breathing" analogue texture. Too large amount of "Final temporal smoothing" in combination with NNEDI3 Resize also attempt to fix tape shake artifacts and in some situations may produce some strange "fluid wavy" look to straight vertical lines. Also too many noise reduction may slightly distort original colors.

If i set QTGMC preset to "Very Slow", then switch to "Custom" and set "Final temporal smoothing" to 0, i got quality deinterlace with original tape grain structure. In combination with NNEDI3 Resize to 1440x1080 default settings (Neurons: 32, Network: 2, Prescreening: 1) it produce 100% no jaggies artifacts.

I also noticed that in some videos "Placebo", "Very Slow" and "Slower" produce strange "micro jumping" effect on small static objects visible only when inspect video frame by frame. Preset "Slow" don't have this problem probably because it combines and averages fields in simpler way.
Overall preset "Slow" with "Final temporal smoothing" 0 or 1 looks like very nice compromise when used together with NNEDI3 Resize to 1440x1080 default settings (Neurons: 32, Network: 2, Prescreening: 1)

Bug found:
Presets works great, but when switching to "Custom mode" i noticed a problem with one test video when some frames where not processed correctly and stay partially interlaced. Sometimes instead same frames where jumping back and forward. Also final video renders have slightly different amount of frames. It was tested on ProRes422HQ MOV files captured with MediaExpress and trimmed without recompression with QuickTime 7 player.
Bug fix:
It seems this problem was caused by damaged MOV file itself, because when i remux same video from MOV to MKV again - there was no error and no jumped or interlaced frames on render, but instead i got first black frame.
When i trimmed new file from same original source with QuickTime 7 player it don't produce artifacts anymore.

Anyway, to be 100% on safe side with custom settings i suggest do it like this:
1. Open Hybrid, but don't import video yet.
2. Make sure to activate Config -> Profiles -> Auto save defaults
3. Adjust all custom settings.
4. Close Hybrid.
5. Open Hybrid, import video, render.

Other custom settings:
EZKeepGrain - (value 0-100) still can't understand how it works. No any visible effect on rendered image. Needs more testing
Source matching - can't see any profit, seems it only increase jaggies artifacts. Needs more testing.
Lossless - can't understand yet how it works. Needs more testing

QTGMC options are well described here http://avisynth.nl/index.php/QTGMC#N..._.2F_Denoising

Here is one more important thing. Seems that extended highlights data needs proper processing. When you simply adjust gain or highlights down, it may produce some hard edges in luma. The effect is very subtle but just to be 100% safe in any situation i suggest always add Gamut Mapping node in the end (set gamma to Timeline and Tone Mapping to Luminance Mapping). Same node could be useful for adjusting chroma.
The effect is better visible on desaturated image. Here are some examples:

Old AVI DV capture. Most Super-Whites data clipped during capture, but dark-to-light gradients always looks very smooth:

New ProRes422HQ capture with MediaExress. All Super-Whites data is there but when gain adjusted down, there is a hard transition line appears on dark-to-light gradients.

New ProRes422HQ capture with MediaExress with Fixed with Luminance Mapping Node. Gain adjusted, but dark-to-light gradients now looks very smooth.
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And some bit depth tests...

Test Setup:
32 bit Gradient generated in Resolve, rendered to ProRes444 and next rendered again with different apps, settings, codecs and bit depths. Next it was opened in Resolve and applied extreme Levels adjustment to illustrate bit depth limits.

Hybrid and Handbrake x264/265 compression was set to near lossless quality RF1 L4.1 slow grain --ref 3 --bframes 0 --keyint 25 --min-keyint 1
Resolve x264/265 compression was set to L4.1 Max bitrate 200000, Frame Reordering turned OFF (same as B-frames turned off)

Test Results:
Hybrid FFmpeg renders ProRes422HQ as 10 bit and ProRes444 also only as 10 bit Seems like known FFmpeg limitation https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/7163
Hybrid FFmpeg renders honest 8 bit and 10 bit x264/x265 files and even real 12 bit depth x265 files.

Handbrake seems always use 8 bit processing with some sort of dithering. It may be useful in 8 bit files, but useless for 10 and 12 bit depth.

DaVinci Resolve renders ProRes422HQ as 10 bit and ProRes444 as true 12 bit.
DaVinci Resolve even with maximum bitrate settings produce rather poor quality x264 because there is no any fine manual controls for x264.265 parameters.

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VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.09.07
- Hybrid 2020.09.04 (including all internal components and scripts updates)
Hybrid 2020 contains a lot of fundamental internal changes. To avoid preferences conflict you need COMPLETELY UNINSTALL LEGACY HYBRID 2018 VERSION, DON'T LAUNCH THAT LEGACY VERSION ANYMORE and DON'T IMPORT ANY SAVED LEGACY PRESETS TO NEW VERSION:
1. Make screenshots of pages with important Hybrid settings.
2. Delete Hybrid.app from "Applications" folder.
3. Delete presets folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid
4. Delete file ~/Library/Preferences/de.selur.Hybrid.plist

Some improvements in Hybrid 2020 release:
- Almost all internal components updated and now compatible with macOS Catalina and higher.
- GPU OpenCL acceleration support for plug-ins.
- All Denoisers and Sharpeners now works.
- Updated all missing scripts and plug-ins.
- Package include only compatible and stable versions of plug-ins. Each plug-in was tested manually.
- Added option to save preset for "Misc -> Filter Order".
- Added ProRes 4444 XQ compression preset.
- Fixed mistakes in ProRes presets naming.
- Fixed problem with "Hybrid can't passthrough 24bit audio if use default FFmbc muxer.
- Fixed problem with "Jumping/strobing" frames effect when render to MP4 x264 using "Use FFmpeg muxer instead of FFmbc muxer"
- Fixed problem with MP4 File don't created after render when use "Use FFmpeg muxer instead of MP4box muxer"
- Fixed problem with disabled Sharpness when QTGMC presets in custom mode.
- Fixed problem with too small font size in some Tooltips and Help Info panel.
- Fixed problems with progress info in toolbar during render.
- Fixed a lot of confusions in UI buttons and tabs arrangement logic.

- VapourSynth-R52 installer update to support Tiff and Jpeg image sequence import. (You need to install XQuartz https://www.xquartz.org/ to enable image sequence import support)
- Package now include XQuartz-2.7.11 installer
- Updated plug-ins.
- Collected a list of plug-ins that use only 8-bit depth internal processing: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.p...87#post1922287
- Completely updated FAQ

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.09.15
- Hybrid 2020.09.15 (including all internal components and scripts updates)
To avoid preferences conflict you need to delete presets folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid from previous Hybrid 2020 version and DON'T IMPORT ANY SAVED LEGACY PRESETS TO NEW VERSION
VIVTC VFM now have Misc option with additional QTGMC filter.
All internal components now compatible with macOS Catalina and higher.
Removed legacy ffmbc component.
Fixed x264 render specific filesize/bitrate (2-pass)
Fixed problem with aspect ratio detection in VOB files.
UI controls for new filters.
Fixed small glitches in UI tabs.
Larger sized Icons.

- A lot of updated Plug-ins.
- Package now includes VulkanSDK (Required by Waifu2x nvk resizer filter)
- Updated FAQ

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.09.18
- Updated VapourSynth-R52 installer
- Hybrid 2020.09.15 with updated ogg, opus and libraries inside.
- Removed waste plugins not used in Hybrid.
- Simplified installation. No need to copy "Scripts" folder because Hybrid use internal scripts folder.
- Updated FAQ
- Also i add VapourSynth plugins list used by Hybrid.

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.09.23
- Fixed critical problem with incorrect permissions in Hybrid.app internal components.
- Even more easier installation with pkg Installer.
- Hybrid 2020.09.15 including internal components updates 2020.09.22 (updated lame, sox, faac, flac, ffmpeg, tsmuxer)
- Added Waifu2x-w2xc plugin
- Package now includes misc.ini file template to change UI font size and disable icons.

Hybrid 2020.09.15 still have few not too critical bugs described in updated FAQ, but in newer versions it is impossible to resize UI window and no more "disableIcons=true" option. It feels like huge step back in usability, so i will keep in package "unofficial" Hybrid 2020.09.15 and only may update some internal components in future if available. More details in this thread https://forum.selur.net/showthread.p...d=9204#pid9204

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.10.10
- sox downgraded to version 14.4.2 from sourceforge because it appears that newer versions don't compatible with Hybrid UI 2020.09.15 version.
- Hybrid UI 2020.09.15 with internal components updates taken from 2020.10.10.
- Updated FAQ

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2021.04.13

Hybrid_2021.04.05.1 Released and now available as standalone app or as installer package with VapourSynth and Plugins directly from developer's website http://www.selur.de/downloads
Same time i still continue to support and update my "extended" package as unofficial backup.

Some changes in Hybrid 2021:
- Fully compatible with macOS 10.14, 10.15 and 11.0
- Changes, improvements and simplifications in UI.
- "disableIcons=true" option in misc.ini works again.
- New "experimental=true" option in misc.ini start Hybrid in fullscreen, allow window resize and adds colorful text on some tabs.
- Filters tabs organized in more logical and more advanced groups.
- QTGMC deinterlacer and QTGMC denoiser are splitted up into different groups in more logical way.
- Cineform encoder.
- A lot of technical bugfixes under the hood.

Hybrid rev 2021.04.06.1 Released
- fixed - Jobs: batch job creation
- Updated FranceBB LUTs in TimeCubes LUTs folder
- Updated XQuartz and VulkanSDK versions in developer's installer package

VapourSynth+Plugins+Scripts+Hybrid-2021.07.13 package updates:
XQuartz 2.8.1
VulkanSDK (seems new Vulcan installer needs manual fix for Mojave https://vulkan.lunarg.com/issue/view...d2a33ca1602dfa )
Hybrid 2021.04.12
FFmpeg 2021-07-11
ScriptsInHybrid 2021.07.11
FranceBB LUTs 2021.07.12

VapourSynth+Plugins+Scripts+Hybrid-2021.07.26 package updates:

Hybrid 2021.07.18
Included MKVToolNix 53.0.0 - the last version compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave. If you work with MKV subtitles or use macOS 10.15 and higher , it is recommended to replace MKVToolNix inside application contents to newer version, or simply use Hybrid build from https://www.selur.de/downloads instead of my Mojave optimized build.
Hybrid/FFmpeg now able to read ProRes 4444 as true 12 bit. (But seems ProRes 444 render is still limited to 10bit only)
TIVTC filter added to Plugins pkg.
DPID filter added to Plugins pkg, but seems it conflicts with DeCross by producing Finder crash if click to one of these. DPID is special downscale resizer filter, so you can delete it if you don't use it or if you expect some problems with it.

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid [2022.03.20] package update:

Important changes in this version:
VapourSynth R56 and R57 support
Updated vsViever
Fixed a lot of critical problems with DVD importer, Blu-ray importer, passtrough remuxing and passtrough retiming.
Fixed problems with relations between Resize, Crop, Letterbox and PAR.
Fixed problems with "Cut support" experimental option.
Filter Order and Filter Queue available as presets.
In Filters List enabled filters marked bold.
In Filters List filters can be moved through mouse drag&drop.
In Filters List filters can be moved by click and hold to up/down buttons.
Fixed macOS specific error when file name contains non latin special characters.
Cineform passtrough MOV to AVI and AVI to MOV problems fixed.
Hybrid allows to set color sampling for FFV1
No more error "crashed: Helper1, exitCode: 11" when use MVtools v22 and v23
Font size, disableicons and fullscreen settings now instantly available form menu instead of hidden misc.ini file.
MVtools v23 filter now used to Plugins pkg.
Yadifmod-r10.1 filter added to Plugins pkg.
Placebo-1.3.1 filter added to Plugins pkg.
Vinverse filter added to Plugins pkg.
SVP filter added to Plugins pkg.
miscfilters and eedi3 filters added to Plugins pkg because they are used by Hybrid but don't included in R56 and R57 installers anymore.
Optional waifu2x /usr/local/share and /Library/Frameworks/VapourSynth.framework/bin removed form Plugins pkg.
Due a large amount of critical improvements and bugfixes in Hybrid 2021, legacy Hybrid 2020 package was removed from Google Drive folder.
Updated FAQ

See detailed changelog here https://www.selur.de/changelog

DOWNLOAD package from Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...D6?usp=sharing

Make sure you COMPLETELY UNINSTALL OLD VERSION before install this new version.

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