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BD Rebuilder 4k Blu-ray with FORCE_NOENCODE=1 was working perfectly, then stopped.

(Note: I'm aware that someone just posted about something with a problem also related to the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 parameter, but my case is very different, that's why I started a new thread)

Short version:

I need to author 4K Blu-rays from home videos edited in FCP and encoded to HEVC in Compressor or Handbrake for Mac. Then transfer to PC for authoring without re-encoding. I authored 3 discs in BD Rebuilder with the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 parameter perfectly without re-encoding, then all of a sudden it started trying to re-encode everything I imported, no matter how compliant. What did I mess up?

Long and detailed version:

I came across BD Rebuilder when I posted a question in this forum asking if there were any free or inexpensive solutions for burning 4K BD-Rs from my home videos encoded to HEVC using my Mac, because my Mac is new and encodes to HEVC really fast, while my PC is one I built myself in 2012, and it was and still is a fast PC, but back then HEVC didn't exist, so while it can encode pretty fast to H.264, it takes days for even a one video to HEVC. But last year I bought a brand new Pioneer burner with the plan of editing all my home video footage from years and authoring to 4K BD-Rs and burn to Verbatim M-Discs.

The idea is to edit in Final Cut Pro X, encode with Apple Compressor and then copy the renders to the PC, where I would author the disc. So being the audio/video nerd that I am, I started doing all kinds of tests, like encoding directly from FCP, which is very basic, to making all kinds of presets in Compressor that I thought would get the render as close as possible to something compliant (even though I could not find anywhere the full specs other than the basics).

And then just for fun, I also exported the same timeline to Prores 422HQ to bring into Handbrake, and did a few encodes in it as well. The good thing is that Handbrake allowed me to use Apple's VideoToolbox as encoder, so it's faster than x265 on machines that fully support it, although it's not as fast as when using FCP or Compressor in the "faster" mode, which you can also select in Handbrake but it's still slower than Compressor. But still way faster than my PC, so it's fine.

So, I downloaded the latest version of BD Rebuilder about a week ago, and loaded the test files in it. At first it didn't give me the results I needed because it wanted to re-encode all the files to HEVC, and that would take days, so no way. But I wanted to see if maybe there was a specific set of encoding parameters that I could set in Handbrake that would make it 4k blu-ray compliant, and see if that would work. In searching for that, I came across a post where someone was talking about the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 parameter for the bdrebuilder.ini file, so I tried that. I put it in the second line right after the version number.

And to my surprise, it worked perfectly! I threw in there 5 files that were very different. Some were rendered to HEVC from Final Cut Pro itself, using the only HEVC option, which is for Apple Devices. Others were encoded in Compressor, one at 8 bit and another one at 10-bit with HLG. Compressor has many more options than FCP itself, but it still doesn't have any preset for 4k Blu-ray, only for 1080p Blu-ray. So I created some presets based on the Apple Devices ones, and others from the Broadband High ones.

So when I clicked the backup button and I saw at first that the log said re-encoding but then changed to another message I can't remember now but basically saying that it didn't re-encode, and then I had an ISO image in about a minute ready to burn, and even better, when the burn to a BD-RE finished and I put it in one of my players and it showed me a basic menu with my files, I was happy as I could be. Maybe it wasn't the most elegant solution like Adobe Encore with a menu in Photoshop, but at least it gave me an authored disc with no re-encoding, with a list of my videos. Even better, later on I learned that I could customize that menu a little bit with parameters in the hiddenopts file, like font, background and a few more things.

And it's not that all these files were exactly compliant. All the Apple encoded ones had no sound because FCP and Compressor can't encode anything HEVC with AC3 (and by the way, these people behind the 4K Blu-ray standards, I don't know what they were thinking to keep AC3 instead of AAC), so those four files had no sound, even though I saw in the log that it had converted to AC3, but my receiver said "Decoder off" when playing those files. And one of them was so extremely non-compliant, that when I tried to play it in my Oppo player, it gave me a message that the player didn't recognize the disc with an OK button that when I pressed, turned off the player. The same file in my Sony player, it simply stopped the disc. But the file encoded in Handbrake was perfect, it had sound because it was already AC3, and motion was fine, while in the Apple Devices files, they had this weird stutter that was kind of different in the Sony and the Oppo. But the Handbrake one played fine in both.

So I said, this is great! Next paycheck I'm making a nice donation to the Handbrake guy, and to the BD Rebuilder guy.

But then it all went downhill and I still can't figure out why. I encoded more tests, with all kinds of different settings, all 4k HEVC, but some 8 bit, some 10 bit with and without HDR, others with HLG and Dolby Vision, some in Compressor, some in Handbrake, and ended up with like 12 files. I sent them to the PC, imported them into BD Rebuilder, pressed the backup button and after the Extracting A/V streams step, it started re-encoding, instead of showing me that message saying that it wasn't going to re-encode. I thought, no big deal, it's probably because I made all these different files with so many different encoding parameters that some of them are super incompatible. So I started pulling some of them one by one, but no matter what I did, it kept trying to re-encode. So I thought it might be a good idea to go for the sure thing, the Handbrake file as the only file. I went into the ini file to delete the source path and then deleted all the files in the working folder. Then closed BDRB, opened it again, and imported just that file. And it still wanted to re-encode it.

The really weird thing here is that I didn't make any changes to my Windows installation in any way since the last successful disc authored with no re-encoding, and the first time it disregarded the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 parameter and started encoding everything I threw at it. I even encoded more files in Handbrake, and these are very elemental files, 4k HEVC 8-bit, 29.97p and 23.98p, without any filters in Handbrake, constant bitrate, AC3 448 kbps stereo audio. Simple as can be. But I keep encoding test files and sending them to the PC, and BD Rebuilder keeps trying to re-encode them.

I even tried starting with a new instance, I added _old to the BD-RBV06128 folder, and then unzipped the original download. I barely touched anything but setting the target size to a BD25 and to save the output to an ISO image. Well, that didn't work either.

I even tried the same thing with older versions of BD Rebuilder, like 61.25, 61.22 and others with the same result.

But I know for a fact that version 0.61.28 worked perfectly for not just one, but three different discs. One of them I even authored as a BD50 and burned to a BD-RE DL.

So why, after successfully authoring 3 4k Blu-ray structures without any problems, then suddenly it stops working? Nothing changed in my PC, I didn't install any new software, or uninstall anything. The 3rd party programs that BDRB needs such as FFDShow, LAV filters, Avisynth and so on were installed when I installed BDRB, and they worked fine for those 3 discs, so that's not the problem.

And then there's this really weird thing. The last try I just did, I imported 3 files, all from Handbrake and 8-bit. Nothing fancy. So I see the .inf file in the working folder, and these 3 lines catch my attention (the numbers don't have thousands commas but I'm going to insert them to make it easy for reading purposes):


So that's a total of 3 files, one of which is about 3 GB, and two about 1 GB. As I said, I selected a BD25 as output, which you can also see in the .inf. So 3 files totaling 5 GB more than fit into a 23 GB disc. So why would it show that reduction of 4.5 times? I doesn't make any sense. And just in case, I tried setting that Reduction parameter to 0, but it still tried to re-encode. And, when I opened the inf file again, it had changed it back to REDUCTION=4.52141329162311

I just don't get it. This was working without a hitch. Then all of a sudden, without changing a single thing, preferences or anything else, it stops working. And I hope it's just user error, because I doubt it's the program's fault. If it worked perfectly for about two days, it can't stop working the same way all of a sudden with no changes.

If anyone has any clues, please enlighten me.
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Incompatible input files I would guess.
A mediainfo log would be helpful to see which source encoding parameters were applied in reality.
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Originally Posted by Emulgator View Post
Incompatible input files I would guess.
A mediainfo log would be helpful to see which source encoding parameters were applied in reality.
Fair enough. I've been doing several more tests since I posted this, none successful, even using the same files I had used to create the 3 discs that authored without re-encoding.

But I also tried to find out how to produce the most compatible files with the 4K Blu-ray format, and I finally did, but BD Rebuilder also wanted to re-encode those files. Not that it makes a difference, because in at least two of those first 3 discs, I had put files coming out of Compressor encoded to Dolby Vision for Apple devices, so those files were pretty far from the 4K Blu-ray standard. And yet it took them in and put them in a BDMV folder along with several others that had several degrees of compatibility, from terrible to barely OK.

But the latest tests that I did were after doing a lot of research and finding the most compatible parameters in Handbrake, because it's impossible to encode a compatible HEVC file out of FCPX or even Compressor, so the process is to export a Prores 422 HQ file out of FCPX from an HDR project.

Then, I opened it in Handbrake and I made a preset with a lot of changes, all the filters off, x265 10 bit, and exported to m4v with these additional options:

This is the log after the encoding:

HandBrake Activity Log for Session: 2022-07-14T14:31:06Z
Handbrake Version: 1.5.1 (2022011000)
(hidden for privacy)HDR_Test_05.m4v

(deleted some things to get the post down in size because it didn't let me post the complete logs)

Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from '/Users/userhiddenforprivacy/Video Editing/Renders/(hidden for privacy)HDR.mov':
    major_brand     : qt  
    minor_version   : 0
    compatible_brands: qt  

2020 PQ

  Duration: 00:22:56.96, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 654025 kb/s

  Stream #0:0(und): Audio: pcm_s24le (lpcm / 0x6D63706C), 48000
Hz, 2 channels, s32 (24 bit), 2304 kb/s (default)
      creation_time   : 2022-07-12T22:27:07.000000Z
      handler_name    : Core Media Audio
      vendor_id       : [0][0][0][0]
  Stream #0:1(und): Video: prores (HQ) (apch / 0x68637061), yuv422p10le(tv, bt2020nc/bt2020/smpte2084, progressive), 3840x2160, 651315 kb/s, SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 24k tbn, 24k tbc (default)
      creation_time   : 2022-07-12T22:27:07.000000Z
      handler_name    : Core Media Video
      vendor_id       : [0][0][0][0]
      encoder         : Apple ProRes 422 HQ
      timecode        : 00:00:00:00
    Side data:
      Mastering Display Metadata, has_primaries:1 has_luminance:1 r(0.7080,0.2920) g(0.1700,0.7970) b(0.1310 0.0460) wp(0.3127, 0.3290) min_luminance=0.000100, max_luminance=1000.000000
      Content Light Level Metadata, MaxCLL=1000, MaxFALL=800
  Stream #0:2(und): Data: none (tmcd / 0x64636D74) (default)
      creation_time   : 2022-07-12T22:27:07.000000Z
      handler_name    : Core Media Time Code
      timecode        : 00:00:00:00
  Stream #0:3(und): Data: bin_data (text / 0x74786574), 0 kb/s
      creation_time   : 2022-07-12T22:27:07.000000Z
      handler_name    : Core Media Text
[10:31:07] Found ffmpeg 9 chapters, container=mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2
[10:31:07] Added chapter 1, name='Chapter 1', dur=5942186, (00:01:06)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 2, name='Chapter 2', dur=6820564, (00:01:16)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 3, name='Chapter 3', dur=8423415, (00:01:34)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 4, name='Chapter 4', dur=8141883, (00:01:30)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 5, name='Chapter 5', dur=25679404, (00:04:45)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 6, name='Chapter 6', dur=16013498, (00:02:58)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 7, name='Chapter 7', dur=29988708, (00:05:33)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 8, name='Chapter 8', dur=22894122, (00:04:14)
[10:31:07] Added chapter 9, name='Chapter 9', dur=22522, (00:00:00)
[10:31:07] scan: decoding previews for title 1
[10:31:07] scan: preview 1
[10:31:07] fifo_close: trashing 0 buffer(s)
[10:31:07] scan: audio 0x0: pcm_s24le, rate=48000Hz, bitrate=2304000 Unknown (pcm_s24le) (2.0 ch) (2304 kbps)
[10:31:08] scan: preview 2
[10:31:09] scan: preview 3
[10:31:09] scan: preview 4
[10:31:09] scan: preview 5
[10:31:10] scan: preview 6
[10:31:10] scan: preview 7
[10:31:10] scan: preview 8
[10:31:11] scan: preview 9
[10:31:11] scan: preview 10
[10:31:11] scan: 10 previews, 3840x2160, 23.976 fps, autocrop = 0/0/0/0, aspect 16:9, PAR 1:1, color profile: 9-16-9, chroma location: unspecified
[10:31:11] scan: mastering display metadata: r(0.7080,0.2920) g(0.1700,0.7970) b(0.1310 0.0460) wp(0.3127, 0.3290) min_luminance=0.000100, max_luminance=1000.000000
[10:31:11] scan: content light level: max_cll=1000, max_fall=800
[10:31:11] Freed 1 buffers of size 1024
[10:31:11] Freed 1 buffers of size 4096
[10:31:11] Freed 1 buffers of size 8192
[10:31:11] Freed 1 buffers of size 4194304
[10:31:11] Freed 2 buffers of size 16777216
[10:31:11] Allocated 37762048 bytes of buffers on this pass and Freed 37762048 bytes, 0 bytes leaked
[10:31:11] thread 16f477000 exited ("scan")
[10:31:11] thread 16f477000 joined ("scan")
[10:31:11] libhb: scan thread found 1 valid title(s)
[10:31:11] macgui: fr.handbrake.HandBrakeXPCService scan done
[10:31:11] thread 16f477000 started ("work")
[10:31:11] macgui: fr.handbrake.HandBrakeXPCService started encoding (hidden for privacy)HDR_Test_05.m4v
[10:31:11] macgui: fr.handbrake.HandBrakeXPCService with preset 4K Blu-ray HDR x265 25 Mbps (Modified)
[10:31:11] Starting work at: Thu Jul 14 10:31:11 2022

[10:31:11] 1 job(s) to process
[10:31:11] Starting Task: Encoding Pass
[10:31:11] Skipping crop/scale filter
[10:31:11] job configuration:
[10:31:11]  * source
[10:31:11]    + /Users/userhiddenforprivacy/Video Editing/Renders/(hidden for privacy)HDR.mov
[10:31:11]    + title 1, chapter(s) 1 to 9
[10:31:11]    + container: mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2
[10:31:11]    + data rate: 654025 kbps
[10:31:11]  * destination
[10:31:11]    + /Users/userhiddenforprivacy/To burn/(hidden for privacy)HDR_Test_05.m4v
[10:31:11]    + container: MPEG-4 (libavformat)
[10:31:11]      + align initial A/V stream timestamps
[10:31:11]      + chapter markers
[10:31:11]  * video track
[10:31:11]    + decoder: prores 10-bit (yuv420p10le)
[10:31:11]      + bitrate 651315 kbps
[10:31:11]    + filter
[10:31:11]      + Framerate Shaper (mode=1:rate=27000000/1126125)
[10:31:11]        + frame rate: 23.976 fps -> constant 23.976 fps
[10:31:11]    + Output geometry
[10:31:11]      + storage dimensions: 3840 x 2160
[10:31:11]      + pixel aspect ratio: 1 : 1
[10:31:11]      + display dimensions: 3840 x 2160
[10:31:11]    + encoder: H.265 10-bit (libx265)
[10:31:11]      + preset:  fast
[10:31:11]      + options: hdr=1:hdr-opt=1:repeat-headers=1:colorprim=bt2020:transfer=smpte2084:colormatrix=bt2020nc:max-cll=1000,800:uhd-bd=1
[10:31:11]      + profile: auto
[10:31:11]      + level:   auto
[10:31:11]      + bitrate: 25000 kbps, pass: 0
[10:31:11]      + color profile: 9-16-9
[10:31:11]      + chroma location: unspecified
[10:31:11]      + mastering display metadata: r(0.7080,0.2920) g(0.1700,0.7970) b(0.1310 0.0460) wp(0.3127, 0.3290) min_luminance=0.000100, max_luminance=1000.000000
[10:31:11]      + content light level: max_cll=1000, max_fall=800
[10:31:11]  * audio track 1
[10:31:11]    + decoder: Unknown (pcm_s24le) (2.0 ch) (2304 kbps) (track 1, id 0x0)
[10:31:11]      + bitrate: 2304 kbps, samplerate: 48000 Hz
[10:31:11]    + mixdown: Stereo
[10:31:11]    + encoder: AC3 (libavcodec)
[10:31:11]      + bitrate: 448 kbps, samplerate: 48000 Hz
[10:31:11] sync: expecting 33013 video frames
[10:31:11] thread 16fd37000 started ("Audio Synchronization")
x265 [info]: HEVC encoder version 3.5+1-f0c1022b6
x265 [info]: build info [Mac OS X][clang 13.0.0][32 bit] 10bit
x265 [info]: using cpu capabilities: NEON
x265 [warning]: uhd-bd: Turning on repeat-headers
x265 [warning]: uhd-bd: Turning off open GOP
x265 [warning]: uhd-bd: keyframeMin is always 1
x265 [warning]: uhd-bd: reducing keyframeMax to 24
x265 [info]: Main 10 profile, Level-5.1 (High tier)
x265 [info]: Thread pool created using 20 threads
x265 [info]: Slices                              : 1
x265 [info]: frame threads / pool features       : 4 / wpp(34 rows)
x265 [warning]: NAL HRD parameters require VBV parameters, ignored
x265 [info]: Coding QT: max CU size, min CU size : 64 / 8
x265 [info]: Residual QT: max TU size, max depth : 32 / 1 inter / 1 intra
x265 [info]: ME / range / subpel / merge         : hex / 57 / 2 / 2
x265 [info]: Keyframe min / max / scenecut / bias  : 1 / 24 / 40 / 5.00 
x265 [info]: Lookahead / bframes / badapt        : 15 / 4 / 0
x265 [info]: b-pyramid / weightp / weightb       : 1 / 1 / 0
x265 [info]: References / ref-limit  cu / depth  : 3 / on / on
x265 [info]: AQ: mode / str / qg-size / cu-tree  : 2 / 1.0 / 32 / 1
x265 [info]: Rate Control / qCompress            : ABR-25000 kbps / 0.60
x265 [info]: tools: rd=2 psy-rd=2.00 rskip mode=1 signhide tmvp fast-intra
x265 [info]: tools: strong-intra-smoothing lslices=8 deblock sao
[10:31:11] Writing Metadata to output file...
[10:31:11] thread 170ae3000 started ("Muxer")
[10:31:11] thread 170b6f000 started ("Reader")
[10:31:11] thread 170bfb000 started ("Audio decoder (libavcodec)")
[10:31:11] thread 170c87000 started ("Video decoder (libavcodec)")
[10:31:11] thread 170d13000 started ("Video Synchronization")
[10:31:11] thread 170d9f000 started ("AVCodec Audio encoder (libavcodec)")
[10:31:11] thread 170e2b000 started ("H.265/HEVC encoder (libx265)")
[10:31:11] thread 170eb7000 started ("Muxer")
[10:31:11] thread 170f43000 started ("Framerate Shaper")
[10:31:11] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 1 at 0
[10:31:13] sync: first pts video is 0
[10:31:13] sync: "Chapter 1" (1) at frame 1 time 0
[10:31:13] sync: first pts audio 0x0 is 0
[10:33:37] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 2 at 5942186
[10:33:41] sync: "Chapter 2" (2) at frame 1584 time 5942186
[10:36:27] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 3 at 12762750
[10:36:31] sync: "Chapter 3" (3) at frame 3401 time 12762750
[10:39:57] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 4 at 21186165
[10:40:01] sync: "Chapter 4" (4) at frame 5645 time 21186165
[10:43:17] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 5 at 29328048
[10:43:22] sync: "Chapter 5" (5) at frame 7814 time 29328048
[10:53:51] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 6 at 55007452
[10:53:55] sync: "Chapter 6" (6) at frame 14655 time 55007452
[11:00:23] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 7 at 71020950
[11:00:27] sync: "Chapter 7" (7) at frame 18921 time 71020950
[11:12:37] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 8 at 101009658
[11:12:42] sync: "Chapter 8" (8) at frame 26910 time 101009658
[11:22:00] ffmpeg_read starting chapter 9 at 123903780
[11:22:01] reader: done. 1 scr changes
[11:22:01] thread 170b6f000 exited ("Reader")
[11:22:03] sync: "Chapter 9" (9) at frame 33009 time 123903780
[11:22:08] thread 170eb7000 exited ("Muxer")
[11:22:08] thread 170eb7000 joined ("Muxer")
[11:22:08] work: average encoding speed for job is 10.812052 fps
[11:22:08] thread 16fd37000 exited ("Audio Synchronization")
[11:22:08] thread 170bfb000 exited ("Audio decoder (libavcodec)")
[11:22:08] thread 170d13000 exited ("Video Synchronization")
[11:22:08] thread 170ae3000 exited ("Muxer")
[11:22:08] thread 170d9f000 exited ("AVCodec Audio encoder (libavcodec)")
[11:22:08] thread 170f43000 exited ("Framerate Shaper")
[11:22:08] thread 170f43000 joined ("Framerate Shaper")
[11:22:08] vfr: 33014 frames output, 0 dropped and 0 duped for CFR/PFR
[11:22:08] vfr: lost time: 0 (0 frames)
[11:22:08] vfr: gained time: 0 (0 frames) (0 not accounted for)
[11:22:08] fifo_close: trashing 0 buffer(s)
[11:22:08] thread 170b6f000 joined ("Reader")
[11:22:08] thread 170bfb000 joined ("Audio decoder (libavcodec)")
[11:22:08] thread 170c87000 exited ("Video decoder (libavcodec)")
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[11:22:08] thread 170d13000 joined ("Video Synchronization")
[11:22:08] thread 170d9f000 joined ("AVCodec Audio encoder (libavcodec)")
[11:22:08] thread 170e2b000 exited ("H.265/HEVC encoder (libx265)")
[11:22:08] thread 170e2b000 joined ("H.265/HEVC encoder (libx265)")
[11:22:08] pcm_s24le-decoder done: 66027 frames, 0 decoder errors
[11:22:08] prores-decoder done: 33014 frames, 0 decoder errors
[11:22:08] sync: got 33014 frames, 33013 expected
[11:22:08] sync: framerate min 23.976 fps, max 23.976 fps, avg 23.976 fps
[11:22:08] thread 16fd37000 joined ("Audio Synchronization")
[11:22:08] encavcodecaudio: closing libavcodec
x265 [info]: frame I:   1604, Avg QP:18.68  kb/s: 47900.33
x265 [info]: frame P:   6928, Avg QP:20.23  kb/s: 34189.22
x265 [info]: frame B:  24482, Avg QP:23.29  kb/s: 18857.59
x265 [info]: Weighted P-Frames: Y:8.2% UV:6.7%
x265 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 19.9% 1.3% 14.4% 1.1% 63.4% 

encoded 33014 frames in 3056.98s (10.80 fps), 23485.99 kb/s, Avg QP:22.43
[11:22:08] mux: file size, 4124782103 bytes
[11:22:08] mux: track 0, 33014 frames, 4046603305 bytes, 23510.38 kbps, fifo 256
[11:22:08] mux: video bitrate error, -256393309 bytes
[11:22:08] mux: track 1, 43029 frames, 77107968 bytes, 447.99 kbps, fifo 256
[11:22:08] mux: overhead, 14.08 bytes per frame
[11:22:08] thread 170ae3000 joined ("Muxer")
[11:22:08] fifo_close: trashing 0 buffer(s)
[11:22:08] fifo_close: trashing 0 buffer(s)
[11:22:08] Freed 2 buffers of size 1024
[11:22:08] Freed 32 buffers of size 262144
[11:22:08] Freed 15 buffers of size 524288
[11:22:08] Freed 5 buffers of size 1048576
[11:22:08] Freed 16 buffers of size 2097152
[11:22:08] Freed 18 buffers of size 4194304
[11:22:08] Freed 25 buffers of size 16777216
[11:22:09] Freed 32 buffers of size 33554432
[11:22:09] Allocated 1631934464 bytes of buffers on this pass and Freed 1631934464 bytes, 0 bytes leaked
[11:22:09] Finished work at: Thu Jul 14 11:22:09 2022

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Note: here I had pasted the Mediainfo report from the encoded file, but it went over the character limit for the post.

So this file is the most compatible thing I was able to produce, but BD Rebuilder still wants to re-encode it.

The good thing is that even if it insists in re-encoding everything, even after setting a disc size way bigger than the total file size, and with the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 parameter, at least it builds that "pseudo" Blu-ray structure in the Import folder that I can still burn to a BD-RE with Imgburn and the disc plays in my Oppo and Sony players. But I know that's like an intermediate step and not the full process, otherwise it would just take it from there, and not do any of the rest.

Also, I did something else. I hooked up a PC with Windows 7 that had been off for at least four years. I installed the LAV filters, Avisynth 2.60, and ran BD Rebuilder in it. I transferred this file to that computer, and tried to author the disc with this file only. And it still wanted to re-encode. So now I know it's not my usual PC, and I won't gain anything by reinstalling Windows from scratch.

Now, I wouldn't spend any time at all trying to troubleshoot this over and over if it wasn't for those 3 initial discs that it build without trouble. I mean, I have spent days trying to figure out what's wrong, a lot of trial and error, and I still don't get it.
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If anybody shall remote guess at sources without publishing them
I would open as many second posts with mediainfo logs as it takes.

A. 1 of the 3 .m2ts that you have successfully muxed without reencoding: mediainfo log please
B. Demux that .m2ts into .avc using DGDemux: mediainfo log please
C. Demux that .m2ts into .avc using tsMuxeR: mediainfo log please
D. from the .m4v asset you are bringing into BD-RB now (which BD-RD insists on reencoding): mediainfo please

...and so on until this can be solved by someone who has no physical access to the files in question.
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Good idea. I'll find at least one of those BD-REs I burned when it worked and grab the M2TS files and run Media Info on them. Plus I can copy them to a folder, import them into BDRB and see if they still work.

I still have work to do, but I'll post that later today.
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I found two of those three discs that I had authored those few days when BDRB didn't ignore the FORCE_NOENCODE command. I know for sure it's one of them because of the date in the files and folders. And I realized, this has nothing to do with incompatible files, it's something that changed in my system or in one of the tools that BD Rebuilder uses. Maybe it's the LAV filters, or Avisynth, or something like that. And I'm going to show you why I know this.

I put this disc in my Sony player, it's the second 4k blu-ray player Sony produced, it has 800 in the name and it's from 2017. So I took a picture of the menu to give you an idea of what's going on:

The file names obviously have a shortened version of how it was encoded. For example, the first two were encoded to HEVC directly from Final Cut Pro. The second one is 10 bit but not HDR.

The next 3 were encoded from FCP to Compressor, using presets that I created in Compressor based on factory presets, so I changed around a few things to make them as compatible as possible, and to assign a bitrate of 25 Mbps, which I used for all these tests. As the name implies, these were all HDR and the FCP project was set to Wide Gamut, which for those who don't know FCP, that has to be set at the "Library" level (what would normally be called a "Project" in any other NLE and Apple very stupidly decided to call it something other than every other NLE.

The 6th one is a direct export from FCP from that Wide Gamut project, and it's different footage shot at 23.98 fps. This was also the case for the other 3 HDR videos.

The 7th one is the most compatible of them all, which was a half hour SDR 29.97 fps exported to a Prores 422 HQ file (which I deleted days ago, so I can't post the Mediainfo report for it).

When I built this project, I was fully expecting that BD Rebuilder was not even going to try to re-encode these, but that it was going to flat out reject most of them but the last one. But no, it took all of them. And the funny part is, none of these files even remotely conforms to 4k Blu-ray specs, at least the ones that are available from doing a Google search, because these specs seem to be more secret than some ancient papers in the Vatican.

But how I know that they don't conform to specs? Well, the ones that say "Apple Devices", in the Sony player, they stop the disc and goes to the home screen. In the Oppo player, it shows a message saying that the disc is unreadable or something like that, with an ok button that when you click on, turns off the player. That's how incompatible some of these files are, and BDRB authored them without a hitch in about 10 to 15 minutes from pressing the backup button.

Then there's this; I copied over the one file that was encoded in Handbrake from that disc to the PC. This is easy to recognize because it's the only file that has sound, because FCP and Apple Compressor don't provide any way to create an HEVC file with AC3 audio. You can only create an AC3 audio only file.

So I copied over that file, and then I try to author a disc with just that one file. And it stands to reason that if BDRB created a disc without re-encoding all these files, and including this file, that if it respected the FORCE_NOENCODE=1 option, it would do the same this time.

But no! It wants to re-encode this file as well. So there's definitely something weird here. Now, I don't see the point of copying and pasting lots of logs and mediainfo reports for other files, because this is the file to gather info from. So here's the mediainfo report for this file:

ID                                       : 1 (0x1)
Complete name                            : /Users/sebastianalvarez/Video Editing/Renders/BDRB problems/00007.m2ts
Format                                   : BDAV
Format/Info                              : Blu-ray Video
File size                                : 5.59 GiB
Duration                                 : 29 min 59 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 26.7 Mb/s
Maximum Overall bit rate                 : 35.5 Mb/s

ID                                       : 4113 (0x1011)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : HEVC
Format/Info                              : High Efficiency Video Coding
Format profile                           : Main@L5@Main
Codec ID                                 : 36
Duration                                 : 29 min 59 s
Bit rate                                 : 25.2 Mb/s
Width                                    : 3 840 pixels
Height                                   : 2 160 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Stream size                              : 5.27 GiB (94%)
Color range                              : Limited
Color primaries                          : BT.709
Transfer characteristics                 : BT.709
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.709

ID                                       : 4352 (0x1100)
Menu ID                                  : 1 (0x1)
Format                                   : AC-3
Format/Info                              : Audio Coding 3
Commercial name                          : Dolby Digital
Codec ID                                 : 129
Duration                                 : 29 min 59 s
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 448 kb/s
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel layout                           : L R
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 kHz
Frame rate                               : 31.250 FPS (1536 SPF)
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : -5 ms
Stream size                              : 96.1 MiB (2%)
Service kind                             : Complete Main
If anyone can make any sense of this, please tell me. There has to be a setting that caused this, because I just don't understand it. If the program has a setting, even if it's hidden, that tells it to ignore any compatibility, which is proven by all those files I threw in this disc, and the program respects that setting for a few days, and then out of nowhere, it starts ignoring it, and then in another computer that has Windows 7 and it was a fresh install with barely anything on it, to the point I even had to install Firefox because it only had Internet Explorer, and this still happens, then it's not so much a problem of the individual files, it's something else.
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Mystery solved

OK, mystery solved. It was this setting:

If you can't see the picture, it's the "Keep only BDMV/CERTIFICATE folders" setting. This works every time. If it's unchecked, FORCE_NOENCODE=1 doesn't do anything. In fact, I'm seeing right now, that this setting (FORCE_NOENCODE=1) really doesn't matter much, because I'm doing another test after deleting it from the ini file, and it's also not re-encoding anything.

I'm a bit confused by that setting, because a Blu-ray only has those two folders, and I don't know about 4K Blu-rays, but I imagine it must be the same thing, if BD Rebuilder authors with those two and 4K Blu-ray players can read the discs fine.

Maybe that setting should be renamed "Don't re-encode source"?
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I use BD_RB to import multiple BD folders, re-author them (create a menu) and I don't have that setting checked.
It doesn't try to re-encode my files.
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Originally Posted by gonca View Post
I use BD_RB to import multiple BD folders, re-author them (create a menu) and I don't have that setting checked.
It doesn't try to re-encode my files.
I'm guessing this may have something to do with importing individual files as opposed to full BD folders?
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All I know is that tsMuxeR doesn't complain about the elementary streams that I use, and BD_RB doesn't complain about the resulting structures.
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