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Old 28th November 2014, 22:15   #1  |  Link
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What else to run with madvr? 10 paypal for person who helps me

I am running madvr with MPC 3 taps Jin

4770k .. Nvidia 970

I am wondering what else I can run along side it for improving quality even further. I have FFdshow installed as well as others. Looking for the best possible upscale to 4k from 1080p. Am a fan of sharpness

My source is bluray ISO, bluray MKV, being played on my 4K Sony projector

10 ($15) paypal to the person helps me with easy instructions

Thanks so much

I followed this guide so far with best settings.


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Old 29th November 2014, 02:42   #2  |  Link
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This ain't wallstreet: People help because they want to, so keep your money!

How to configure it is entirely on you, as is based on your taste (and eyes).

My subjective view on things:
As for upscaling, the best upscaling with madVR is done through image doubling. Depending on the content, you will or will not see the difference between neighboring neuron settings. The easiest way to see the difference, is by using clear, high contrast lines, such as hard coded subs or picture subs. I can't speak for 4k, but when upscaling SD to 1080p, I am happy with a single doubling of Luma with 32 neurons, maybe 64 for anime. Anything beyond that is a waste of resources and electricity to me.
Doubling chroma (colors) won't make much of an impact, as our eyes are much more sensitive to contrast (luma). So I'd probably go with NNEDI 16n or simply jinc if I had 4k.

As you want a sharp image, there is another way to make a picture look sharper aside from using interpolation and sharpening filters and that is noise. By adding noise to the resized image, it'll look much sharper than before, but might look bad on the long run, so only add a light noise filter. Unfortunately, you cannot add a noise filter after processing (NNEDI, etc) via madVR, so youve got to make a choice: Go with madVR resizing and don't add noise or resize with ffdshow, which isn't even remotely as good as madVR in that department, and apply light noise afterwards.
Keep in mind that most projectors already add noise: to test it, look at a still image that shows a greyscale gradient - if you see it dithering, you really shouldnt add more noise to the picture!)

Bottom line:
Invest an hour into configuring and picking what you like best. There is no guide to make the best out of it!
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Old 29th November 2014, 05:56   #3  |  Link
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You might also want to try NEDI image doubling as it requires lower resources to run. This is available as pixel shader for madVR.
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Old 29th November 2014, 16:59   #4  |  Link
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Ok thanks for "free help"

Its seems that madvr is the best and only thing needed. I will stick with that.

I have it set at 3 taps jinc.

One question, when movies play via my Htpc to my 4k projector, I notice when madvr is running my projector shows the inpot at 3840x2160 @60fps.... Should I be forcing it to play at 24hz/25hz for better playback, or doesn't it matter?.... If best how do I force it to?

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Old 29th November 2014, 21:41   #5  |  Link
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well, that also depends on your projector. In my case, I got a BenQ W1070. Depending on the input frequency, the DLP color wheel spins at various multiples of the input frequency. The higher the RPM of the wheel, the lesser the effect of rainbowing is visible. So the optimal input for my projector is actually 50Hz and not the maximum of 60Hz or movie-native 24Hz. The rest is handled by ReClock and madVR smooth motion.

As for yours: No clue whats best. Its a matter of taste. For flatscreens, I do can recommend setting the Hz to the framerate of the monitor, but as for projector: It depends.
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