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AutoMKVchapters, an automation tool for easy creation of all kinds of chapters

Current version: 0.8.5
Download here

AutoMKVchapters is a program for the easy creation of Matroska chapter files based on AviSynth Trim() commands. It can easily generate chapter files with ordered chapters, multiple editions, linked segments etc with powerful template system.

  • Automatic chapter time generation
  • Powerful template system for automated chapter creation
  • QPfile generation for x264 to ensure keyframes at chapter start times

Planned features:
  • Template creator GUI
  • Commandline capabilities

Since the program is a work-in-progress, there might be some bugs. If you find any, please report them here.

Also, no documentation has been written for the program yet, but the usage is quite straightforward.
  1. Browse for an input .avs file
  2. Write template name to the "template" box
  3. Press "Create chapters"
  4. Press "Save"

Things to note:
  • You will be asked to save a tag file if you have more than one edition. You must mux this tagfile in the matroska file to have edition names.
  • Currently the program will crash if the input file doesn't exist.
  • All the trims must be written in the same way, Trim, trim or TRIM.
  • Template files are only loaded from the program folder. There's no need to include the .txt extension.
  • All the Trims must be in the same line for the program to work.
  • You might have to add some additional trims compared to normal since for example quite many series have no ads between intro & OP or part B & ED.
  • The program might not be 100% frame accurate at times - it might end up one frame too late. So far the efforts to make it 100% accurate have been less than fruitful, and this is as accurate as it gets right now. Please report if you're getting constantly multiple non-accurate chapters points.

Template files are required for the chapters to be created. Example template file:

Template file parameters explained:
In the info group:
editions - number of editions
lang - three-letter language code
country - default chapter country
inputfps - input fps (basically the framerate you perform the trims on, usually 29.970 for TSes. Actual framerate is calculated using (fps*1000)/1001, so 30 is actually 29.970 etc)
outputfps - output fps (framerate after ivtc, no vfr support)
createqpfile - Determines whether the program will ask you to save a qpfile or not

In editionX group:
name - the edition name
default - is the edition default or not
ordered - is the edition ordered or not
chapters - how many chapters the edition has
Xname - name of the chapter
Xchapter - number of the autochapter (autochapters are the automatically created chapter times based on the trims, so the first Trim() contents are the first autochapter and so on
Xstart - if you do not define Xchapter, you can define the start time manually. This is mainly intended for segment linking.
Xend - same as above, except for the end time.
Xsuid - the segment UID of the chapter, for segment linking. Requires the edition to be ordered.
Xhidden - determines whether the chapter is hidden or not. If the chapter is hidden, this chapter start time isn't shown as a navigation point.
Program window explained:
The edition list:
ID - edition number
Edition name - exactly what it says
D - is the edition the default edition [Y/N]?
O - is the edition ordered [Y/N]?

The chapter list:
Chapter name - exactly what it says
Start time - chapter start time
End time - chapter end time
H - is the chapter hidden [Y/N]?
SUID - external segment UID
E - the number of edition this chapter belongs to
So, that's about it. Feel free to test it, give feedback, comments, feature requests, etc.
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thanks a lot...
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Does this have to be in the mkvtolnix folder?
It doesn't work, I put the .avs file -> DirectShowSource("C:\Users\Diogo\Desktop\Nyan Koi Raws Torrents\[gg]_Nyan_Koi_-_01_[8AD5A7E9].mkv")
Then leave "template" and press "Create Chapters" and then the program crashes :/
I've Windows vista btw. Can you help me?

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No, this doesn't need to be in the mkvtoolnix folder - in fact it doesn't even require mkvtoolnix to be installed.

You're supposed to write the template name into the template field. A template is right now required for the program to work (also, template files are .txt, need to be in the program folder, and you only type the name of the file, eg. if you have stuff.txt you'd write stuff). Also, your AVS must have Trims in order to automatically create chapters.

In general, it seems that you've misunderstood the purpose of this program. Also, the file you're trying to create chapters for already has chapters in it, thus you could just extract them from the MKV.
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Odd, Comodo Cleaning Essentials marks this as malware during a scan. Likely a false positive, but thought I would alert author so they could address it.
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automation, avisynth, chapters, mkv, program

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