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Originally Posted by deadrats View Post
i don't see this as "trolling", i have enough stress in my life, i certainly don't need to argue with some anonymous encoder worshiper on some forum over a piece of software that is vastly over-rated and over-engineered and is destined to lose prestige and usage in the coming years.
You act as a troll but you don't even recognize that? I feel bad for you. I can see how hard your life is with your attitude.
“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” — Mark Twain
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deadrats, you could make any predictions you'd like and no one would be able to argue otherwise, since no one's a prophet.

However, I think it'd be better if you won't use terms such as cult/followers/worshipers/etc in your arguments. As much as it may seem that way to you, it would only provoke others who might think you're referring to them. If you have facts or ideas you want to present or argue, that would be fine, and even welcome. But calling names isn't, so please refrain from continuing this line of terminology.


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x264 is "so good" because it has no strong competition. 75% of transcoders, NLEs etc use Mainconcept SDK for AVC, which is ok, but far from being amazing.
Biggest x264 success was appearance in Telestream products, which are one of the most popular for big transcoding solutions.
Ateme is quite good and also used quite a lot- way closer x264 quality than Mainconcept.
Note that x264 was developed by many people, but most important it has 1000s of testers and bug reporters, which EVERY pro company can only dream about. I said it already before- if you would pay each of the contributor 1$/h and x264 development would cost millions of $ I'm not surprised that it's so good at all.

Place where x264 "failed" is Blu-ray production and reason for this is simple- there is much stronger competition there. Even if x264 is "free" basically none of the big authoring houses uses it and this is because it's slow compared to some pro encoders and quite often can't match them quality wise neither. DS answer was that there is no point for tweaking it for 20Mbit+ bitrate as it's already so good. Well- it's "so good" compared to most streaming crap, but BD is another level of quality, so even 30Mbits sometimes is enough to get "BD" quality.

In the same time try to match x264 encodes for web with any other encoder out there and judge yourself
Mainconcept implementation in Episode fails baaadly against x264 (there may be even some bug in MC implementation).

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you know, everyone rips on main concept but i personally think it offers excellent quality, i've used total code studio and i personally finds it to offer excellent encoding quality, just turn up all the adaptive quantization settings to 100, disable the deblocking filter, a few tweaks here and there and i like the quality it offers.

x264 seems to be a favorite of those that bit rate starve their encodes, the people that start out with a 1080p blu-ray and go all the way down to 720p@4 mb/s, while swearing up and down that the results are transparent to the source.

i don't believe in bit starving my encodes, even once hvec encoders arrive on the scene en masse i intend to still use lots of bit rate focusing on the higher quality rather than the better compression.
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Closed for obvious inflammatory trolling, consistent with past behavior.

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