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Originally Posted by MrVideo View Post
Based on the new information about lxp_curl.exe, I first started lamexp and then looked for the program. I then found the "new" version and it indeed fails. The walker indicates that normaliz.dll is missing, which indeed it is. Was this DLL ever shipped with WinXP, or ever added with a patch? I'm at SP3. I found a site to get it, but I need to know the info about the one that you are running (they have several versions). The info line from the walker program will do.
I don't know. And because Windows XP went "end of life" so long ago, it is hard to find any information. On my Windows XP (SP-3) system it just worked

The Microsoft site about the IdnToAscii() function, which is the only function cURL imports from "normaliz.dll", says:
Windows XP, Windows Server 2003:
The required header file and DLL are part of the Microsoft Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Mitigation APIs, which are no longer available for download.
Apparently there used to be a redistributable installer, specifically for Windows XP. So you can try with this archived copy that I was able to dig up:

(Vista and later apparently provide "normaliz.dll" out-of-the-box)

Originally Posted by MrVideo View Post
In this case, that is indeed true. That is because there was an album.flac.cue and album.wave.cue file. Why there is a wave cue file is beyond me, size there are no wave files.

Suggestion... if this situation arises, how about adding a pop-up asking the user to enter a new directory name? That is because I end up having to go back and manually rename the directories. Easier to do it up front.
I don't see why that would be needed. After all, we are talking about the suggested (default) name of the output directory.

If you don't like the default, you can always choose a different output directory of your liking – in the CUE Sheet import dialog – before you start the import/splitting process.

Hence, there should be no need to rename anything afterwards...

While that is true, the user would have discovered a DNS issue via other means, i.e., just by trying to go to any website via their browser. Odds are that a user would have found an issue with their LAN, or internet connection, long before running lamexp.
Well, this is not about what the user might be able to figure out. It is about how the application reliably detectes whether we have a "working" Internet connection or not.

Just go to your site to look for the update and if it doesn't work, report back to the user. At that point the user can troubleshoot their LAN/internet.
That's the point. If we weren't able to fetch the update info from our update mirror, we don't know whether it is because our update mirror is down, or because of a more general problem with the user's Internet connection.

Sure, we could simply throw a typical meaningless "Uh oh: Something went wrong!" error message and let the user figure out the specifics. But I think showing a somewhat more helpful error message is nice

Furthermore, since this is already implemented, I don't see a reason to drop a better, already working solution in favor of an inferior one.

Most important: Dropping the Internet connection test would not solve your cURL issues at all, because a working cURL would still be required for the actual download of the update information. You wouldn't gain anything.
There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment.
How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork.

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